Benefits of living together before marriage

Benefits of living together before marriage

To have someone special beside you is something every person on this earth dreams of. The inner desire of every human is to live with the one they love. The only question that every lover has in his/ her mind is, will you be there beside me, when the world falls apart? It not only feels great but truly awesome to be always with the one you love. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, something that is very sacred and which demands respect, dedication and most importantly your time. Living in a fast paced world, it seems that marriage has lost its meaning. However, like every coin there are two sides to this question of why couples live together before marriage?

Some may argue, some may agree, some may accept and still, some may deny. But, the truth is live-in relationships get a couple closer and gives them a reality check too. As the saying goes, ‘the truth is blindingly clear and we are clearly blind!’  Sometimes when people are in love they do not see the practical side of life and love. By staying together they come to know the negative side of their partners and their shortcomings, which can be rectified with love. There can be many reasons why this concept is accepted more and more by couples. Mentioned below are some of the reasons for couples living together before marriage.

1. Love

Benefits of living together before marriage

There can be no better reason than love. According to an individual survey, it was seen that mostly couples prefer to live together before marriage, because of love. Their love for their partner is so much that, all they want to do is live together. Youths prefer to have their own voice in their lives, live- in relationships have become a very common trend among them. They fall in love and then start living together. It has also been noted that they live with a person so that they can enjoy the closeness and satisfy their need of belongingness.

The love that couples have for each other drives them to take the decision of moving in together. As they live together and get to know each other, they finally decide to give a proper status to their relationship, the status of marriage.

2. Better Understanding

Most couples want to live together to increase their understanding quotient. In a fast paced world, understanding is something that is either never achieved or which gets lost in the tensions of this life. When couples decide to live together, that is when they decide to strive for a better understanding. Live- in relationships help them to communicate well. Most of the times couples are working and with the pressure of jobs and families, they do not have time for each other. Merely phone talk does not satiate the feeling of being together with your companion. There comes a time when relationships creates problems between the partners and then comes a time of living together to know each other better.

Couples prefer to live with the person or at the most, be around the person they love. For any relationship, understanding is the most important ingredient for a happy life. Hence, mostly couples prefer to live together so that they get to know the person well and develop a better understanding.

3. Time Factor

Time is the most important factor that defines and shapes a relationship. Due to time factor, many couples decide to live together. If their profession doesn’t allow them to spend quality time with their partners, then couples decide to move in together so that their work and their relationship, both are balanced properly. A lot of times we have seen around, couples splitting up due to time factor.  Today’s youth is more advanced in their approach. Work and relationship are the two most important parts of a human life. The absence of any one of them disturbs the harmony of life.

Couples strive to spend quality time with their partners, but due to work issues are unable to do so. They see live- in relationship to be the answer for this problem. They can live under one roof, do their work and then spend good amount of time with each other.

4. No Strings Attached

There are people who get into live- in relationships for experimental needs. They want to try out a new way of living with their partners and experience a feeling of proximity. A special feeling of being with your special someone is great. Doing small things with each other and for each other makes both the people feel good.

But there are some couples who want to experience these little joys and hence, avoid taking up the responsibility of each other. They are partners in happy times and live together without any commitment. Anyone can move out of the relation anytime. They are just together to gain some experience and to feel what it is like to live with someone. There is an unsaid decorum between them, decorum of non-commitment. They are fair-weather couples.

5. Fun

Some couples take live- in relationships just for fun. Love, understanding or time to spend time with each other, all these factors do not govern their lives. They just move in with their partner for experimental purpose. The desire to do something different or the desire to be different than others drives them to live together with their partners.

6. Compatibility Test

When two individuals fall in love, both of them tend to put their best foot forward. During the courtship period only the positive qualities are known to the partners. The little annoying habits of one another do not come into play. When living along with one another, then true self of two people come out and they can handle it with patience and understanding. A live in relationship is a sure shot test to know the compatibility of a couple. There is lots of love but there is also individuality, which comes into play.

While in some relationships living together ends up in marriage, there are a large number of couples who have nothing left but regrets and remorse. But, still to know and learn more about life and relationship, moving in with your partner is sure to do wonders for your life.

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