Creative birthday ideas for him

creative birthday ideas for him

Your beau’s birthday is coming up yet again and this time around you simply don’t want to miss the chance of making it grand and imposing. You don’t want to let go of the opportunity of making the occasion really memorable so that you and your boyfriend can recall those special moments for years to come. But you’re simply clueless about how to make it outstandingly romantic and passionate.

As a woman, you’ve always nursed some dreams from your childhood and surely one of them was to find a handsome and young Adonis who’d sweep you off your feet. And now when that dream has become a reality as you’ve found the man of your dreams, would you not like to cement the relationship and keep the flames burning for as long as possible?

Your boyfriend’s forthcoming birth anniversary opens the floodgates of prospects for celebrating and commemorating the occasion on a scale that can surpass the previous birthday events in impressiveness and magnificence.

Following is a list of romantic ideas for boyfriend’s birthday that you can you capitalise on to make his day extraordinarily singular and a day that he’ll reminisce for the rest of his life.

creative birthday ideas for him

1. Go Yachting

If you thought going on yachting adventure was the exclusive preserve of the rich and the famous, then you could not be more wrong. Times have changed (haven’t they always?) a lot since your growing up days when you accompanied your father to the waterfront where you gaped with open-eyed wonder at all those sailing yachts with their opulent patrons.

Nowadays, renting a yacht for any special event or occasion is not a big deal anymore and contrary to what you might think, it does not have to cost the earth. Go online, browse through the websites of some yachting charters and get their quotes for booking a service for a specified number of hours.

Dress up suitably for the occasion, stock up on some bottles of Chardonnay and see yourself having an adrenaline rush as you cruise through the deep blue waters with your boyfriend for company.

2. Hot Air Ballooning

Take a break from following the beaten path and get ready to soar up and up, high in the air! Let the sky be your limit when you revel in your beau’s birthday this time. Hot air balloon as a means of entertainment and fun adventure is fast ballooning in popularity with every passing day. It’s an exciting way of experiencing the cityscape or a rustic landscape from an elevated position that is far from the madding crowds.

You get a breathtaking view of the panoramic valleys and meadows all around from a height of nothing less than 1 to 2 miles. And shed all your worries about feeling scary as you’d feel that you have become almost weightless as you float through the clouds. So get prepared to waltz through the air with some wine and maybe some music as well.

3. Escape to an Exotic and Romantic Locale

If you think its passé to leave on a vacation with your boyfriend, then you’d need to refresh your thinking not only because short trips and tours during weekends are regaining popularity but also because it works. Leaving on an excursion to an uber romantic and idyllic locale and soaking in the sights and sounds of the place works its charms on both of you. Decide with your boyfriend on a destination you can visit in a short time and leave everything else to your imagination!

4. A Day at the Beachfront

There are beaches and there are splendid yet isolated beaches. You’d certainly want to have as much fun and merriment that is unalloyed and unspoilt, with your boyfriend on his birthday, and certainly that won’t be possible in a beach teeming with people.

Just conduct a little research on the Internet to find a beach that is not very far away yet offers you the seclusion that would be apt for the occasion and the exclusivity that you’re looking for. Take a long walk through the coastline with your hand in his hand or run from one end to the other or catch a game of Frisbee.

At the end of the day, garner some firewood and light a small bonfire. Roast some stuff that you’ve brought along or just throw some live catch from the sea into the sea and enjoy your barbecue amidst a heavenly setting with the red glowing ball of fire sinking into the sea.

5. Leave On a Long Drive

Going on a long drive is just another marvellous way of spending quality time with your boyfriend on his birth anniversary and the experience can indeed be rich and fulfilling. You see the world pass by like vignettes in a movie as your boyfriend steers the car at breakneck speed. Your silky tresses just flutters in the wind as you breeze past the valleys, the age-old mountains, and the seemingly infinite shoreline.

Leaving for a long drive on a picturesque route can be an excellent way of catching up with your past lives, reminiscing about some special moments you’ve spent together and making plans for securing your future.  Give your man a break once in a while by taking your turn at the wheels and listen to some lilting music and laugh out heartily.

6. Cross Country Hiking

Nothing can beat a cross country hike when it comes to having unbridled and untainted fun. Just weigh the benefits. Firstly, it is cost effective as you just need to have a good rucksack, pack in some essentials like an UV protection cream, a few water bottles, and some nutritious food that has been tightly packed.

Take your time in observing the flora and fauna all around you. When you get tired of walking through a long trail, take a break by sitting down on your haunches and don’t think twice about leaping into the water for a rejuvenating swim when you come across a stream or a lake in your trekking route. Also don’t miss the chance of savouring the local fare when you spot a good bistro or a tavern.

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