Deep conversation topics with boyfriend

Don’t be Complacent and Harbor Expectations

The art of conversation is something that is very rare to find in men and women. If you are a talkative person, it does not mean that you will also make an interesting and wise conversationalist. To become a good conversationalist, you have to work on it. If you can learn the art of conversation, it will bring you numerous benefits in love, life as well as profession. It can help you realize your potential in the most fulfilling fashion and you can derive true happiness out of your life.

Every other thing in life can take a backseat but when it comes to love life, you have to make sure that things work out. If you are under the dreamy romantic notion that love will find you without asking you to do anything, you are living in a fool’s paradise. Come out of it. You have to work on it to make sure that you can stay ‘happily ever after’ with your long-term partner and conversation is a very important part of this mission. You should know how to converse with your partner in order to know them better.

Conversations can dwell around any theme but the fun themes can give you an easy start and also give you best results. So, what are you waiting for? Get to know about the fun conversations with your long–term partner because they can build your budding relationship into a long and lasting one. Such conversations are a fabulous formula to solve the love equation that is still wandering and looking for answers. The below space will tell you about the fun topics and things around which you can weave your conversation to get a head start with your partner who you view as a long-term prospect.

1. Gossip About Workplace

A casual and interesting conversation can take place between the two of you if you build your conversation around this topic. Ask your partner about their workplace and their boss. Though workplaces are notorious as sources of stress, almost all have something interesting to tell because there are all kinds of people at the workplace with their quirky habits and amusing nature. Initially it might not take off but once it takes wings, it is sure to leave both of you talking and laughing for hours. It will act as a fabulous stress-buster as well and you will also get to know about the professional part of your partner’s personality.

2. Childhood Mischiefs and Memories

So, your partner looks like the ultimate naive guy or girl who you could never imagine to participate in any mischief? Well, scour the surface a bit further and prod him or her into talking. You will invariably find a naughty boy or girl hidden inside your partner. Everyone has done something naughty in their childhood and everyone loves to talk about it as it takes them on a walk down the memory lanes of childhood. This topic will get your partner out of his shell and you will also find out about their naughty or mischievous self.

Deep conversation topics with boyfriend

3. School Time and College Life Incidents

School and college cover a fair period of our lifetime and it would not be wrong to say that they are the most influential phases of our life that shape our personality to a great extent. All of us have done wonderful things in this period and there is a lot of interesting stuff that one can talk about. Be it your first crush or a prank that you played on your teacher, the topic can initiate your partner on a whirlwind tour of their past. It will throw wonderful surprises for you and you will get good glimpses of your partner’s nature and attributes.

4. Habits and Lifestyle

What is the most annoying habit about you that you would like to change?  Which side of the bed you like to sleep on? Are you afraid of darkness? Conversations around such questions can be interesting and fun for sure. Just ask your partner such questions and watch out the fun that unfolds. Your partner might blush initially or act hesitant but once you get started they will start enjoying it and would also ask you similar questions. What else do you expect? Just keep it going and you will discover interesting and annoying things in equal proportion but the information will not annoy you in any way. You will inch closer towards your long-term prospect and build a better bond with him /her.

5. Sexual Fantasies and Fetishes

Sexual compatibility matters a lot in a love relationship and if you are thinking of a long-term relationship, it is a kind of must. If you are not sexually compatible, you cannot hope to have a happy future together. So, talking about it is a must and you can know about the sexual orientation of your partner if you ask them about their fantasies and fetishes. However, you cannot ask them directly as it would sound crude and would not get you the answer either. So, ask them in a light-hearted manner. You can refer to a movie such as American Pie and get your partner in the erotic mood. Then prod him further. You can also give them a gentle hug or tap their shoulders to get them talking.

Sexual Fantasies and Fetishes

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