Fun Games to Play With Your Girlfriend at Home

Fun Games to Play With Your Girlfriend at Home

You may oftentimes experience dull moments or run out of things to do despite being in a very fulfilling relationship with your girlfriend. However, this is a problem that almost all couples experience at some stage in their relationships and not an isolated issue that you’ll have to contend with. You and your heartthrob will occasionally have to put with occasions when you’ll be completely at a loss to think about how to spend quality time together.

Even the most gratifying of relationships have their phases of dreariness and certainly yours is no exception but does going through such a period signal the end of your affair? Certainly not, because had it been true then most people would have kept falling in and out of affairs and there’d have been no such thing as a lifetime or long lasting relationship. So, how to spice up those moments when you simply don’t have any idea of what to do when you’re alone with your girlfriend?

You’ve been in an affair with your girlfriend for quite some time now and both of you strongly feel that the relationship should graduate to the subsequent level. Both of you’ve given enough time to get acquainted with each other and are presently looking for inventive ways to enjoy each other’s company that’ll add to the relationship quotient. However, you’ve exhausted all the conventional entertainment or amusement options many times over, like watching movies, dinner dates, weekend picnics, and so on.

Moreover, going out every time for enjoying and being together can burn a hole in your pocket. As an alternative to going out for entertaining yourself, there are so many things you can do with your girlfriend right in your place or her place that can be real fun. You can play many fun games with your girlfriend that’ll not only keep both of you entertained but will be light on your pocket as well.

The objective would be to indulge in something hilarious and passionate that’ll bring out the romantic in you and make both of you nostalgic. Since the idea would be to make your girlfriend smile and in the process make yourself happy as well, you should choose a game or pastime that’d be pleasurable to both.

You’d just have to rack your brains and think a little differently. There are innumerable ways of indulging in an assortment of fun games with your heartthrob that’ll not only keep the two of you engrossed but would be light on your pocket as well. Furthermore, for playing these games, you’d not even have to step out of your house.

If you’re really eager to come up with innovative ideas for fun games then you should sit down with your girlfriend and jointly discuss with her about the different sort of pleasure activities that both of you can do together within the cool confines of your home. Do not forget to list down the games in a sheet of paper. No matter whatever game you play together or whatsoever diversion you immerse yourself in along with your girlfriend never lose sight of the fact that both of you want to have a whale of a time!

Although there are unlimited numbers of Fun games to play with your girlfriend at home the following ones can be played out at home with convenience and will cost you peanuts.

Fun Games to Play With Your Girlfriend at Home

1. Play Games Together on Gaming Consoles

There are so many games both of you can play on different types gaming consoles and you don’t even have to be a gaming specialist to enjoy these games. The two of you can have hours of unadulterated fun by becoming sports car drivers on race circuits, playing tennis with your favourite sportsperson or flying jumbo jets. By getting your girlfriend actively involved in a game on the Xbox or Playstation, you’ll really feel good when she screams with ecstasy or pleasure after having scored the winning points.

2. Become Transvestites for a Day

You can bet your girlfriend is going to love this gaming idea! Just keep a camera handy before you can get started. Tell her to wear your clothes for a change and then keep on taking snaps. Make sure that the clothes are not ill fitting because you want her to look picture perfect but then some pictures of hers in clothes that are either too tight fitting or too loose will be priceless keepsakes! Thereafter, you can get in her clothes and tell her to take photographs. However, think twice before posting these pictures on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

3. Buy Your Girlfriend a sexy Lingerie and Let Her Have a Catwalk

Purchasing sexy lingerie for your girlfriend can be vexing as there are so many varieties to choose from. There are so many different styles, colours, and designs of bras, bikinis, and other types of undergarments for women that you’ll have a hard time picking the one that’ll be a perfect fit for your girlfriend.

However, if you’re aware of the size of bikini that your girlfriend wears, you can buy a couple of the same and they don’t really have to be expensive. You’d need to be just a little creative when you’re sifting through all those swimsuits or bikinis. She can put on bikinis and take a catwalk in the home just as a model sashays down the ramp. You can take some good pictures. Just don’t be careless with their storage.

4. Get Into the Bathing Tub with Her

You may have treated yourself to a chocolate bath in an upscale spa or salon. How about having a chocolate bath with your girlfriend and that too in your own bathroom? Believe it or not, it can be pretty cheap and you’ll (and your girlfriend of course) really savour the experience. For the bath, you’d need unsweetened and fine cocoa powder, condensed milk, quarter cup Epsom salt, 1 tablespoon each of baking soda and cornstarch and half tablespoon of fragrant oil preferably chocolate flavour. There are many websites that you can follow for instructions on how to prepare a chocolate bath. Just think of the fun games you can play with her in the bath!

5. Make a Tattoo on Your Girlfriend’s Body and Tell Her to do the Same on Yours

You don’t have to be a professional tattooist to make designs on your girlfriend’s body. Nor do you or your girlfriend have to be creative to make sketches on each other’s body. You won’t even realise how the moments while away as you sketch the silliest of things on her body and she on yours!

Now whether you want to keep your clothes on or not while you play out this game is something that you should jointly decide as it is a matter of personal or individual choice. To keep yourself getting distracted while you’re drawing, you should at least keep your undergarments on. After all, drawing or sketching (even though human body is the canvas) is supposed to be a high level artistic activity and therefore even thinking about sex during such moments would be out of place. What you do later on (after you two are over with your artistic indulgence) is best left to one’s imagination.

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