When kids get together, they need some thrill and enjoyment. Like adults, we can’t expect them to sit calmly. Truth or dare is the most enjoyed game among children. It is extremely popular among adults as well. Truth and Dare questions for kids is a great way of amusement and entertainment for kids.

To play this game, you need two or more people. This game is simple to play, and makes everyone laugh. In this game, one person asks another player to choose between ‘truth and dare’. If one chooses truth, then he is asked to answer a question very honestly. Similarly, if someone chooses dare, he is asked to complete a daring task. Thus, this game is very enjoyable and daring as well. It brings out the personal traits of a person.

When it comes to children, various stupid questions come in our mind. These questions make kids very happy. They can play this game anywhere and anytime. So, if your children are getting bored, go through this article and see various interesting truth and dare questions for kids. They will definitely enjoy playing this unique game. Some of truth and dare questions for kids are:



  1. What is the biggest secret of your life?
  2. Do you have a crush on someone?
  3. Have you ever fallen in love with someone?
  4. What is your lowest score in any examination?
  5. Whom you love the most, mom or dad?
  6. Is there any question you don’t anyone to ask you in this game?
  7. Whom you like the most in this room?
  8. What is your favorite game?
  9. What is your favorite gift you have ever received?
  10.  When do you get angry with your mother?
  11.  Who is your best friend and why?
  12.  What question you want us to ask you?
  13.  Who is your favorite superhero?
  14.  Which program do you like to watch on TV?
  15.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
  16.  What is your favorite cartoon program?
  17.  Who is your favorite teacher at school?
  18.  Do you have a crush on any teacher?
  19.  Which teacher you don’t like at school and why?
  20.  What type of dressing you like the most?
  21.  Do you sing and dance in bathroom?
  22.  What is the stupidest thing you have ever done in free time?
  23.  How does your mother punish you?
  24.  On the scale of 1-10, how would you rate your personality?
  25.  What is your favorite food?
  26.  Whom you don’t like in this group?
  27.  How many times you have been found copying from your friend during exams?
  28.  What is the biggest lie you have ever told?
  29.  What is the stupidest thing you have ever done in the crowd?
  30.  Have you ever fallen asleep in the classroom?
  31.  How many times you brush your teeth in a day?
  32.  Can you cook food?
  33.  What is the harshest punishment you have ever got in the classroom?
  34.  Do you still sleep with your mother?
  35.  What is your favorite animal?
  36.  If you get 50 dollars, what would you do with that?
  37.  Have you ever stolen anything from your friend’s bag?
  38.  Have you ever stolen money from your father’s pocket?
  39.  Which subject you don’t like?
  40.  Who is your favorite hero or heroine?
  41.  What is the craziest thing you have ever done in the classroom?
  42.  If someday God asks you to demand three things, what would be that?
  43. Which Harry Potter character you like the most and why?
  44.  What is your secret hobby or habit that you can’t share with anyone?
  45.  What did you father give you on your last birthday?
  46.  Who loves you the most, mother or father?
  47.  What do you like the least about the person sitting next to you?
  48.  What do you do while sitting on the pot?
  49.  What is your worst fear?
  50.  Which person do you think is you biggest enemy?
  51.  If you were to born again, what you wish to be?
  52.  Which is your favorite Disney movie?
  53.  Have you ever cheated someone to win the game?

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