Healing conversation after fight

Say Sorry and Mean it

We all fight with our friends, dears and nears however eventually we keep on thinking how to initiate  conversation after a fight. Starting a conversation after a fight is perhaps one of the most difficult things for people these days. We know you agree with this statement but you may find it equally difficult to admit it. The irony of the present times is that communication has become much easier but the art of communication has certainly taken a beating down. People are comfortable texting over phone or messaging over Facebook but when it comes to face to face conversation, many of us feel uncomfortable and after a fight, the scenario is far worse.

If you ask people how to initiate a conversation after a fight, many of them won’t know the answer because they are clueless about it. Our egos are at an all-time high and this is why fights easily spiral into cold war situations and also lead to breakdown of relationships at times. This is really unfortunate as it benefits no one and brings loss to all the parties that are involved in the fight. A fight can take place with anyone, right from your spouse to your friend. However, if you know how to communicate and come into the damage-control mode, you can easily sail through the situation. Want to know how? Check the below space.

1. Take Your Time and Ponder Over What Went Wrong

This is very important if your objective is to make peace and bring back the situation to normal. A fight is always the result of some misunderstanding or mistake that might be intentional or unintentional. Many a time, people are unable to realize what they have done or even if they know what they have done, they don’t want to own up to their faults. Always keep in mind that to resolve a fight you must be ready to accept what you have done. So, think about the fight objectively and configure your role in it. When you have figured it out, go ahead with your communication plan.

Healing conversation after fight

2. Give the other Party Time as well to Cool off

It might happen that you have offended someone and are really sorry for it but don’t go after the person in a rush. It will only annoy them or might even hurt them even more. Agreed, you are genuinely sorry but the other party too needs time to cool off. Your immediate sorry or other damage control programs might receive a sever lashing and then everything will go into vain. If this happens, there are very fair chances that the relationship will go into a comatose state as both of you will find it a task to start again. Neither will feel inclined to take the initiative.

Give the other Party Time as well to Cool off

3. Say Sorry and Mean it

Saying sorry without meaning it is worse than not saying it at all. So, say it only when you mean it from your heart as well as mind. You might feel that it is easier said than done or that it is impossible but this is not the case. If you have taken your time and really want to become friends once again with the other party, you will find it easy and possible. What you need to do is sideline your ego from the whole matter and come to other party with an open and welcoming heart. Don’t think you need to act or prepare in advance. Your change of heart and emotions will find reflection in your words and demeanor.

Say Sorry and Mean it

4. Offer him/her help Without Them Even Asking for it

This is quite an innovative idea but don’t go about creating the situation where the offended party has to resort to help. You might get caught. This is not a Hollywood flick where things will work out according to the script. So, keep it normal but be by the side of your friend or spouse or colleague. Being close to them will invariably lead to chances where you can help them out. However, you can do this only when you can shun aside your ego.

Offer him help Without Them Even Asking for it

5. Pass a Smile Whenever you see the Person with Whom you Have Fought

A simple smile has the ability to ease tension to a great extent. Now don’t think we are asking you to smirk like an idiot or act like you are posing for the ad of toothpaste. What we want to say is that be your natural humble self. Don’t let the negativity drown your positivity. Be pleasant and the other party is sure to melt down and feel inclined to come to the conference table.

Pass a Smile Whenever you see the Person with Whom you Have Fought

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