High School Graduation Gifts for her

High School Graduation Gifts for her

Graduating from high school is a phase which represents transition from adolescence to adulthood. For many, it is the time to leave home for the first time and go to the college. If you have family members or friends graduating from high school you may wish to congratulate him/her with your wishes and gifts. In selecting high school graduation gifts, several criteria should be taken care of. The gift should bring back the fond memories even when the graduate looks at the gift years later. Engraving the gift with the recipient’s name or initial and date of graduation will add a personal touch and will make the gift a relic. This article provides you with the best high school graduation gift ideas.

1. A Car or a Bike

A car or a bike can be a great gift idea from parents to their graduating child, especially if their child is planning to move out of home and has to travel long distance for college. Having own means of transport is always convenient. He/she will cherish this idea forever. You can find thousands of cars and bike models that can easily fit into your budget. Do not buy a very expensive car, as you kid will find the maintenance of the car difficult.

High School Graduation Gifts for her

2. A Laptop

A laptop can be a good graduation gift for students on the go, to stay connected with family members and friends. Parents can gift their children a high-tech laptop to remain connected with them.

A Laptop

3. A Stylish Bag

Stylish, useful and trendy bags are a perfect gift for college going students. To make this bag more special you can engrave the name of the person, his/her year of graduation or a message on the bag. This will remind him/her of you every time he uses the bag.

Stylish Bag

4. Certificate Frame

Graduation is one of the most important occasions of one’s life. You can keep this memory alive by getting his/her graduation certificate framed. He/she will be proud to show the frame and the certificate to his/her near and dear ones.

Certificate Frame

5. Utility Box

This is one of the best gifts you can present to your friend. You can make this gift at home itself. The things that you need to add to this are books on how to face an interview, resume formats, day planner, a professional work bag, etc.

6. Gadgets

If budget is not a problem, you can gift him/her a nice gadget. Smartphone is one of the best gadgets you can gift to anyone. Not only boys but even girls adore gadgets so they will surely like this one. Youngsters are very influenced by electronic gadgets in their life. If you know his/her taste then you can buy the latest gadget and surprise him/her. The gadgets your friend would love to receive are:

  • DVD player
  • Electronic diary
  • MP3 player
  • Cell phones


7. Watches

A classic and stylish gifting option, watches are a hit even today. Watches come in a variety of themes like dress watches, rugged watches, diving leather watches. Rugged watches are the best gift choice for men, who like to play sports. Time zone watches is another great gift idea. If your friend likes antiques then a vintage watch can be ideal.


8. Shopping Coupons

With the end of the college the wardrobe also needs to undergo a complete change. So shopping for a new wardrobe will be a golden change. Instead of gifting dress, you may gift shopping coupons for his/her favorite mall. With these shopping certificates they can buy whatever they wish.

Shopping Coupons

9. Personalized Gift Items

There are various ways in which you can personalize your item. You can write a poem dedicated to your graduating friend and embossed it with the favorite photo in the backdrop. Apart from this you can also gift them a personalized mugs and t-shirts. You can also prepare a scrapbook with all the little details of your school like the teachers, favorite pass time, etc. Each time your find will go through the book, it will bring back the excitement.  You can also engrave the name of your friend on the pen holder, a pencil set, etc.

Personalized Gift Items

10. Jewelry for Girls

Girls graduating from high school are fond of jewelry. You can take this opportunity to buy her that perfect pair of earrings, a ring or a trendy necklace which she can flaunt in her college. A gift basket is another gift idea for a girl. A gift basket can include items ranging from chocolates, food items, books, etc.

11. A Book on Fashion

As your friend is now graduating from school to college. Things will not remain the same for him/her. It would be better to gift them something that will tell them everything that they wanted to know about the style world.

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