How to Bring Back Your Boyfriend When he is Annoyed and Refuses to Talk

Introspect What went Wrong

“He is annoyed with me and does not want to talk.” Amy, my dear friend, came to me with tears in her eyes, grumbling like a four year old, whose favorite toy has been broken. My heart went out for her for she is my dearest friend and I know I am the only one on whom she relies for advice. Being the wiser and older of the two, I knew I should console her with some sweet words and that bear hug that she always craves for when she is hurt and confused. So, I did the same, hugged her and told her “Don’t you worry darling, everything will be fine. He will come back to you. Just wait and watch.” A few minutes of silence and we stood holding each other in that affectionate embrace. Later on I asked her what had happened and she told me about it.

My dear friend Amy is not the only girl who goes through such a situation and I am sure many of you out there must have gone through or are going through such a phase. So, here are the advices that I doled out to her. I know they are beneficial because Amy followed them and came back to me a week later with twinkle in her eyes, exulting like a four year old, whose daddy has brought back her favorite toy. How to bring back your boyfriend when he is annoyed  is certainly a big task to do and specially when you don’t have any idea what it will end to. I am sure you will also find them helpful. So, here are the tips.

1. Bear with the Silent Phase

Take it easy. Boys are like that. They will stop talking to you if they are annoyed with you. Even girls switch into this silent mode but not for long. They can’t bear the silence for long and will get mad but boys are egoists and they won’t talk to you. So, let them be. They need this silent phase to get normal. If you go back to them and act clingy they will lose their cool. So, avoid doing any such thing that irritates them or gives them reasons to think negatively about you. Stay silent. Give him space and allow time to bring its healing touch and restore things back to normal.

How to Bring Back Your Boyfriend When he is Annoyed and Refuses to Talk

2. Introspect What went Wrong

This is very important because your boyfriend must be annoyed with you because you must have done something wrong. So, think about what led him to sulk and act bitterly. In the case of Amy, it was her persistent calling when her boyfriend was in office and his mobile was on the silent mode. She got mad at him and gave him a piece of her mind when they met. In your case, it might be a different thing. You must know about them because it also happens that we are unaware of what has happened. When you have figured out the reason it becomes easy for you to handle the situation. So, find out the reason and then talk it out accordingly.

Introspect What went Wrong

3. Send him a Sorry Card or Flowers

Don’t think that flowers and cards are meant only for girls. No, certainly not. They are ridiculed for being the signals of the mushy romantic gifts that strike a chord only with girls but this is not true. Boys also like them though not as much as girls. Sending gifts is an indication that you value your relationship and are willing to make amends for what you have done. So, reach out for them. They will really act as a balm and soothe his wounded feelings and sentiments.

Send him a Sorry Card or Flowers

4. Text him Lovely and Sorry Messages

Thanks to cellphones, things have become easier and less dramatic. You can send your boyfriend sorry messages or those that express your apology. This way you won’t confront him either and also get your message across without having to trouble yourself with preparing the sorry speech. However, don’t overdo it. Exercise moderation. If you flood his cell with such messages, there are very good chances that he will end up deleting them without even taking the trouble to read them.

Text him Lovely and Sorry Messages

5. Leave him Alone and act Normal

This is also very important because it will give him the impression that you like his older normal cheerful self. Don’t go about troubling yourself as to why he is sulking and acting like a moron. If it is not your fault or you have said a sufficient sorry, it is time to give him a fair dose of morality. You are not a doormat who he can step over as many times as he wants and you will bear with him. A love relationship should not have ego issues to such an extent that a party does not think of other as an equal. Forgiveness is a virtue and he must understand this.

Leave him Alone and act Normal

6. Get a Reality Check

This is to say that you must check out whether he is being normal or violating your self-respect. Remember, every relationship goes through the down phases when a party gets angry or is annoyed but these are also times when you find out about the real self of the person you love. So, if your boyfriend is annoyed and you have given him enough time and space along with your sorry, it is time to analyze whether you are with the right person or not. Forgiveness and patience are traits that may or may not be present in a person but when one is in love with someone, they automatically find place in one’s heart. At least, in case of the person with whom one is in love.

Get a Reality Check

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