How to deal with mood swings in a relationship

How to deal with mood swings in a relationship

What if you’ve a moody girlfriend? What if she looks happy with you this moment and dejected the next minute? This might have its foundation in the emotional dissimilarity in men and women, or could she be misinterpreted? Let’s take a look and see how exactly you can deal with her mood swings?

1. Difference Between Men & Women

While dealing ideally with her mood swings, initially you need to understand the basic difference between the emotional levels of men and women. Moreover, it has also been noticed that they respondin their own ways to various circumstances of everyday life and emotional bonds. Men generally tend to discover the apt solutions for their difficulties in their own way. Conversely, women directly discuss their problems with their friends/family members. Doing this, women don’t essentially seek any solution. Yet, they just try to understand it by sharing with the others. This very nature of women looks strange, as she refuses us if we suggest her some solutions. As an alternative, she only likes to discuss it. Also, she wants to attract your attention that she feels emotional. This is the exact nature of the most of the women.

How to deal with mood swings in a relationship

2. Collapsed Contact

If you experience regular mood swings in your girlfriend, you must think it to be an alarming bell about your dying out relationship. However, it may have a trouble-free reason of ‘collapsed communication’. This might make her moody. As stated earlier, men and women have completely different mindsets. However, it is also not that much difficult to study it. This would surely help you to avoid the circumstances that could be misinterpreted by her.

For instance, if she needs to discuss with you about her difficulty with her family members, don’t suggest any solution at once. It usually irritates as well as stimulates her moodiness. She may then act absurdly or pointlessly. Let her find a resolution and pass though the situation. The reason of her annoyance is – Though you suggest her anykey over her problem, yet she didn’t seek it from you. She was in search of your sympathy. Always remember a golden rule here, your girlfriend who has some problem and wants your understanding, you can offer it just by listening to her attentively.

3. Don’t Suggest Anything Unless Asked

You may believe that you would be a support to her when you offer her an ideal answer over her trouble. However on the contrary, she thinks you to be uncooperative as you’ve rejected her chance to discuss the problem with you. As discussed earlier, this is the foundation of the most women.Therefore, when you really want to learn how to deal with your moody girlfriend, be a good listener and she will surely believe that you really understand her. Make an effort to speak to her in her way. Don’t try to give any solution over her difficulties, unless she asks for it.  Thereafter too, you should ask her gently, “According to your thinking, what can the best solution over this problem?” When she finishes with her plans or plainly asks to hear some from you, suggest your view. But don’t forget to say, “As you are good at decision-making, I’ll always be there to help you, no matter what you decide. You can carry on what you believe is correct.” This is the ideal way to talk to her, which certainly makes her admire you more than before.

4. Hormonal Changes

Women’s anatomy too plays a vital role in her mood swings. So, admit this natural fact. Women respond in another way to their life than men. But it’s not necessary that to know her, you need to be aware of her every single thought. Being sympathetic to her moods is just accepting that her reaction to everyday problems would be different than yours, because she is a woman and you are a man.

5. Impermanent Mood Swings

As said above, women face mood swings due to hormonal changes. However there are certain other issues like constant worry and nervousness that too can result in mood swings. After a mood swing, she will be normal within an hour. Therefore, the next time when you face her mood swing, let the situation calm down naturally. If you don’t have any useful solution (like lovemaking, outing or get her laughing) to calm her angst, let her find it out on her own.

6. Don’t Be Too Submissive

Irrespective of her feeling of being stressed, there’s utterly no justification for her to ever hurt you repeatedly. So, don’t tolerate her unreasonable behavior with you. Nevertheless, if she acts unfairly with you, keep off your mind from her. This surely makes magic – she’ll come to you looking for forgiveness.

7. Be Sympathetic

We all have our own mood swings. Nobody can behappy forever. Still, if her frequent mood swings start affecting your relationship or if the time comes when the most of your time in her company goes useless listening to her troubles, stop being a good listener. Remember, you’re her boyfriend. However, be sympathetic as she might not be fully grasping the goings-on. Also consider the other possibility that she might even have accidentally become moody to win your awareness. Therefore, if you just make her realize it, she might understand ‘what and where it all went wrong?’She may change her behavior. Unfortunately, if you don’t see any change in her ways, believe that you have given enough time for her to manage her moodiness.

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