How to get a job in it with no experience

How to get a job in it with no experience

The three basic necessities of life include food, shelter and clothing. These basic necessities of life are dependent on only one thing; job. Getting a job can be an uphill task and can become even more difficult, if you are someone without experience. This article will help you in getting a job without experience. How? We will discuss about the different ways to get a job without experience. A job is very important in order to survive in this world. Life cannot go on without a good job. Without a stable job it is impossible to enjoy life. Life will become a burden and living a challenge.

When reality intrudes your daily life only then the importance of a job is realised. Getting a job is in itself a difficult task and getting it without experience is a big challenge. But, a meticulous preparation before the interview can help you get a good and stable job, even without experience. You need to remember that the world we live in works on the principle of ‘survival of the fittest’ and so whoever is able to score well in the interview will be able to get a good job. So you need to work on your skills in order to get a job without relevant experience.

Mentioned below are some points that you need to remember in order to prepare yourself ahead of your interview.

How to get a job in it with no experience

1. Knowledge:

Knowledge plays a very vital role if you want to get a good job. Before you appear for the interview of any particular job, try to gather as much knowledge as possible about the work, so that your persona on the interview day is par excellence. A proper research is a must before you appear for an interview. A proper research will put a positive impression on the interviewer and then even they cannot stop themselves from offering you the position for which you applied.

Research is not a day’s work. It requires time and dedication from your side. The more you research about the company, which you wish to join, the more you will understand their working style. It will also help you know the kind of requirement they have for a particular position in their company. Once, you are able to understand what the company is looking for in a candidate and are able to give them exactly that, then no one can stop you from getting a good package, even without experience.

2. Confidence:

The world we live in has no respect for timid people. You need to work on your confidence if you want to get a good job. Confidence is directly proportional to knowledge. When you are brimming with knowledge, you will ooze with confidence. But, in an interview nothing can be anticipated. You need to remember that the job of an interviewer is to grill the candidate to see how efficiently they can work in a pressure filled situation.

When you are facing the interview, appear confident throughout. Even if in the middle, you are faced with a situation where you don’t know what to answer, remain calm. Use whatever knowledge you have in order to get out of that pressure filled situation and always maintain your calm. You need to have control over your emotions as they can hamper your thinking. Confidence plays a very vital role in and during the interview. When the interviewer sees that you are still confident, despite their attempt to break you down, they will definitely hire you even if you are without experience.

3. Body Language:

The manner in which you enter the interview room and how you greet them, all of it gets noticed. Be natural and maintain your natural side. Do not try to be someone you are not. The most important thing is to be on time and to have a smile on your face always. Remember to carry all your academic documents with you.

Dress up properly in formals, but do not over dress. Wear a nice, clean shirt with a blazer without the tie. Wear light colors and simple shirts. It is obvious to feel nervous in an interview but do not let it reflect in your personality. be confident and maintain a good personality, this is more important than experience.

4. No Discrepancy:

Honesty is still the best policy and every company wants to hire people who are honest. Don’t use any illegal means of getting the job. Don’t try to beautify your resume with false information regarding your qualification and work experience. Be very honest in your approach. You have more chances of excelling in life by being truthful than using unfair means to get a job.

You need to remember that happiness gained by lies is always short lived. So as you prepare yourself for the interview, brace yourself with the armour of truth. Every company wants their employees to be honest and dedicated towards them.  If they find out anything false in your resume or in anything you say to them, then it will cut out your chances of getting a good and stable job. False information will put a negative impression on the company when your lies are caught.

5. Be Practical:

Accumulating only theoretical knowledge will not get you anywhere, it is necessary to have practical knowledge of your subject and a technical know- how.  If you have practical knowledge then the need of work experience is not so much as you know how to use your knowledge and skills. Every company wants an employee who can use his/her knowledge practically.

6. Brush up your Skills:

Acquiring an extra skill is always helpful and will get you far. An extra knowledge goes a long way in making your academic career and is also helpful in getting good jobs. When you are in the process of looking for jobs, make sure you learn an extra skill, as this will help you and also increase your worth. It could be anything you are interested in like if you are an engineer, then learning computer languages will help. Never sit idle and wait for opportunities, always be ready to create and learn new things.

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