How to get an office job with no experience

How to get an office job with no experience

The three most important and basic needs of life; food, shelter and clothing are all impossible without job. The necessity of a job can be realised only when reality intrudes your daily life. You may have enjoyed your life so far, surviving on French fries and hamburgers. The inevitable truth about life is that it cannot continue like this. Everyone needs a job to sustain their life and to face the hardships. You may be studying in college or freshly out of it and are looking to find a job.

One of the first truths that people realise once they are out of school is that life is really tough. There is no limit to which life can actually make you work hard for survival. The theory by Charles Darwin, survival of the fittest, is resounded throughout the world on day to day basis. People unknowingly live on this principle. The reality is that getting a job without experience can be an uphill task. The only question that today’s youth have on their lips is how to get a job without experience? Getting a job, is in itself a very tough task. But, by following the below mentioned steps, you can surely get acquainted with all the necessary qualities that are required in order to get a job without any prior experience.

1. Knowledge:

How to get an office job with no experience

Albert Einstein was right in saying, “I don’t let schooling interfere with my education!” The real education that life gives is that you cannot survive in this cut-throat world without good knowledge. More than your degree or your grades, it is the knowledge that matters in a job. People who fare well in exams and earn a degree also get rejected if they fail to qualify for the knowledge round.

Working as a professional is a practical field. You may be well versed theoretically, but knowledge helps you practically. A sound knowledge will, if not always, work in your favour and can help you secure a permanent job. Before you select any stream of work, make sure you research the topic properly and have ample of information in your mind. Read vastly about your area of specialization and make notes on important topics. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough, try doing something practical in the subject. This is sure to get you far.

2. Confidence:


Confidence, which cannot be taught in schools nor can it be contracted from anyone. Confidence is an attitude that only those people have, who are brimming with knowledge. Confidence can never be faked. Those who try to do it, fail when subjected to extreme grilling. Having sound knowledge of the subject will enhance your confidence and help you to face the interview with courage. Also do not compare yourself with other people who have come for the interview.

The attitude with which you enter the interview room and carry yourself during the interview process will determine your success. If your approach is dull, then don’t expect the result to be exciting. When you have knowledge, you will be oozing with confidence. When you face the interview, your approach should be very positive and confident. Usually the thing that the interviewer wants to check is; if you know what you want to do. Once he is sure of your mindset, then getting a job will not be a difficult task.

3. Face Value Matters:

The way you carry yourself in an interview is very vital. Your body language and way of talking reflects your personality. So be very careful with your words and always show your natural side. Do not try to be someone you are not. Dress up properly in formals and carry all your academic documents. There is some general etiquette, which have to be followed like being on time and having a smile on your face.  If you are nervous don’t let it reflect in your conversation.

From the way you dress to the way you talk, everything becomes so very important in an interview. If you don’t exactly know what to wear, go for formals. No stubble for men or over make-up for girls. The color of your dress should be very carefully selected. No flashy clothes. The professional look will help you in getting a job. More than experience, it’s the overall personality of the person that is of high importance.

4. Honest:

Honesty is still the best policy. While applying for any job, make sure you don’t present them with any false documents about your qualification or your work experience. An honest person lives freely and goes a long way. He doesn’t have to worry about his lies to be exposed. When you are truthful in an interview, it will double your confidence and also give you the upper edge in front of your interviewer.

An honest approach will save you from unnecessary guilt.

5. Be Practical:

Whichever subject you have mastered or whichever job you are applying for, make sure you have practical knowledge and know-how of the subject. Every company wants an employee who is able to use his/her capabilities. With your practical skills, the need of work experience will not be needed. There is always a practical round where you will be required to show your talent, make the best use of the opportunity.

6. Skills:


It is always better to learn something new. The only and the best advantage of it is that it will help you at an unexpected time. An extra skill always comes handy. While you search for jobs, make sure you learn something new, instead of sitting idle. Today’s world is the world of computers. A course in computers or information technology will help you get the upper edge from your competition.

Knowledge never goes waste. You might have learnt something which you thought was of no importance to you. But, applying the things you have learnt in a productive way will help you secure a good job. Your interest areas can also speak on your behalf. If you’re a sportsperson or a musician, the skills will matter and make you a bright candidate for the company. there might be a group discussion round, where you will have to work with a team and also show your leadership qualities.

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