How to get his attention when he ignores you

Take out Time for Both of You and Have Fun:

This sounds symbolic of the typical attention deficit disorder that many girls suffer from. However, it is very much in the nature of girls and they can’t help it. They want attention and crave for the company of their boyfriend. Even when it is about a mature relationship like that of a husband and wife, the fairer sex demands attention. Well, women are very different from men. Their hormones make them emotional and thus, they are insecure and constantly need a reminder that they are loved and cared for.

For them attention of their lover is very important. At times, this need for attention may also arise from the unexpected behavior of your boyfriend or your husband. So, what would you do? Sulk and shed tears that he does not love you anymore. Well, if you are a sensible girl or woman, we are sure you would never do such a thing. You will take control of the situation and seek out ways that tell you how to get him to pay more attention to you. So, here are the tips and tricks that tell you how to get the attention that you want and deserve as well. Check them out.

1. Try to Understand the Cause of his Disinterest and Declining Affection:

This is the most important thing because most of the times, your guy does not do this intentionally. It might be that he is having some health issues or is facing problems at workplace or has got some other thing on his mind. So, get to know what is causing him to withdraw and act so weird. It might also happen that he has lost interest in you and is eying another girl or something about you has annoyed him. The reason can be anything and you must understand this reason. Only then you can take further steps.

How to get his attention when he ignores you

2. Give him Space:

Space is important in a relationship as it allows the other party to breathe. Many a times, girls forget this fact because most of them are insecure and possessive. Their possessiveness and insecurity is not malevolent as it arises out of love and longing for their partner but they forget that men can’t understand this thing. They are wired differently. They need space more than women and cannot survive if they don’t get it. So, understand this thing and give him space. Let him spend time with his friends and enjoy his soccer match on TV in peace. Don’t bother if he forgets to pick your call or misses out your birthday.

Give him Space

3. Take out Time for Both of  You and Have Fun:

As a couple you must have some similar interests and passions. No matter, how different you are from each other, it is impossible to have fallen in love without sharing some sort of similarity. So, find out about them and take out time to indulge in them. It can be anything like a long drive or a walk on the beach. Also, don’t always expect your boyfriend or husband to plan out these things. Take the initiative and get going. Who knows your guy might be expecting it from you and has stopped showering attention on you because he wants you to do something like this?

Take out Time for Both of  You and Have Fun:

4. Talk to him About this Problem:

If you are very hurt about the indifference of your guy towards you and cannot tolerate this behavior, you must tell him about it. Of course, you will find it a bit awkward because you want him to sense it on his own. Well, guys are very poor when it comes to sensing feelings and emotions. Also, they sense and understand things very differently from girls. Therefore, you will have to do the talking. So, be straightforward and tell him very clearly that it hurts you to see him acting like this. Tell him that you want his attention and would like to spend time with him.

Talk to him About this Problem

5. Work on Yourself:

Maybe he has lost interest in you because you don’t take yourself seriously. We know it hurts to hear such things but it won’t if you take it in the right spirit. Looks matter and you know it. It is just that to guys they matter a little more than girls and matter throughout their life. So, whether you are a wife or a girlfriend, you must make sure that you look presentable and pretty enough to keep your guy interested in you. It will also benefit you on a personal note.

Work on Yourself

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