He is Friendly Towards you

They say women are a mystery and it is very difficult to understand them. Well, the saying might be true to an extent but not when it comes to matters of love. The women express themselves and though they may not make the first move, it is not difficult to find out that they are in love. The same does not hold true for men, especially men born under the Scorpio sun sign. The scorpion male is a bundle of mystery in matters of love and therefore, it is quite a task for women to find out about his romantic inclination.

This is why if you are bogged down by the question how to know Scorpio man loves you, you will have to do a detailed study. The signs of love and liking do not play out on the face and in the behavior of a scorpion so clearly that you can find them easily. This is not to say that they do not feel the intensity of emotions when love is in the air. They do and their capability to feel and contemplate is much more than other sun signs but they are very good at camouflaging their emotions and thoughts. You cannot see through their mind and heart without delving deeper. So, does that mean you will never be able to find out what does a Scorpio man feel and what does his heart say? No, it is not like that. You can and there are signs that tell you whether he has those passions of flames directed towards you or not.

Signs That say ‘I Love you’

The Scorpio man has it in him to hide his emotions and feelings but not to such an extent that they are entirely invisible. They are but in order to find them out you have to be a little more attentive and careful. To help you in deciphering the secretive scorpion, here we have listed out those signs and signals. Have a look.


1. He is Friendly Towards you

Friendship is the fountainhead of love. In fact, it is the first thing that initiates a love relationship between a man and a woman. This holds true for a Scorpio man as well. He values friendship and thus, if he is affectionate and careful about your needs, it is a sign that his heart is throbbing for you. The Scorpio male is loyal and respectful towards his friends and if he treats you like a close pal, it is a sure-shot sign that he is feeling something special for you.

He is Friendly Towards you

2. He is Protective Towards you

A scorpion man is very tender and caring at heart. Beneath that hard exterior lies a soft heart that protects its loved ones fiercely. So, if you are someone for whom he has developed amorous feelings, he will automatically become protective towards you. Just watch out his behavior and look out for the signs that smack of a protective touch. He will be there for you when you need him and would support you in every way that he can.

3. He Tries and Tests you

This might sound a little horrendous but it is true. For the scorpion male, love is forever and firm. He cannot trust you with his heart and soul if he is not sure of your credentials and character. This is why if you find him inspecting about you or applying tricks to test your feelings towards him, it is a green signal for you. You have captured his heart and he is just trying to make sure whether you are the right choice for him or not.

4. He Makes you Feel Good and Cheers you up

This is something that the Scorpio man does only for those whom he considers special. He is not the one who pursues people and goes after them trying to make their day and make them feel good. So, if you are receiving a fair share of attention and care from the Scorpio man, it is a sign that he is romantically inclined towards you and you are the special one.

5. He Stares at you and Eyes you Quite Often

For the Scorpio man, love is about loyalty, trust and faith. The Scorpio is a fixed sign and thus, if he has zeroed upon you from the extensive lot and feels for you, he will also give you his undivided attention. Just watch out his eyes. If you pay careful attention to him, you will find out that he is looking at you. Though he is an expert at dodging, love can make him let his guard down and then you can find out what his heart is saying.

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