How to Live Life When You Have No Friends

How to Live Life When You Have No Friends

We’re all social beings by nature and its basic human instinct to crave for the company of others. Since the time when the history of mankind began to be scripted, our hominoid ancestors realized early on that to survive the ravages of time, they’d have to live in groups.

This realization led to the formation of large human colonies that have been termed as civilizations. Through the ages, human beings have evolved radically in every sense of the term and hold complete sway over animate beings on earth. This has only been possible because of our instinctive urge to socialize.

It is only when we interact with each other that the full range of our emotions comes into play. We’re able to laugh out heartily, cry inconsolably, fight vehemently, and then again make up with each other only in togetherness and not in isolation.

So, can you imagine what your life would be like without any friends? Do you think you’ll be able to spend your earth years in complete seclusion cut off from your family members, relatives, friends and other near and dear ones? More than anybody else, we’ll always need few reliable friends who’ll help us see through the ups and downs of life without making any judgements. It is only friends that who can see us in the right perspective because their reasoning and discernment is not clouded like that of family members with whom we all share an interest-oriented relationship.

True friends remain with us through thick and thin. They’ll always wish you the best in life and will be there to participate in your revelry. They’ll also console you and cheer you up when you’re feeling depressed or going through a bad patch in life. But it might happen that you find yourself without friends at some stage in your life.

As living through life is akin to taking a roller coaster ride, there’d be occasions or phases in your life when you’d have to go about living life without any friends. There’d be times when you’d get so caught up with advancing your career and giving time to your family that you’d be hardly left with any leisure time for yourself. For many people, pulling on from one day to another without friends to keep company is not a problem at all as they’ve already made a pact with themselves. They come to an understanding with themselves that to succeed in one’s vocation, and then to get married and settled down might keep them away from friends for a certain number of years.

Therefore, for certain individuals this is something that they’ve brought upon themselves and are quite content with the status quo but for most of us, this can be difficult to cope with. If you’re passing through a stage in your life that has distanced you from your buddies, you’ll feel extremely lonely at times and miss the camaraderie that once kept you in high spirits.

During such situations when you feel left out, as you don’t have any friends, you’d have to come to terms with yourself. You’d have to have faith in yourself and the confidence that you’ll live out this difficult period in your life. If you have the readiness to reach out to your long lost friends, you’ll soon see that they have started beating a path to your doorstep.

Till such time, you can master the following strategies on ‘How to Live Life When You Have No Friends’.

How to Live Life When You Have No Friends

1. Tell Yourself That It Is a Transitory Phase

When you go completely out of touch with some of your friends with whom you’ve had a very intimate relationship, it can cause you a lot of grief and upset you very profoundly. Your feelings of grief and misery will always keep you enveloped in a cloak of unhappiness that’ll keep you from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

In other words, you’ll be overawed and overwhelmed by feelings that you’ll not be able to make new friends or re-establish contacts with your old pals. To prevent self from being swamped by such debilitating emotions, keep yourself engaged and tell yourself that this dark phase will eventually pass away.

2. Find a Pet Dog or Cat

You can’t find a more faithful companion than a pet dog or cat. Unlike human companions, pets will never indulge in unwarranted criticism, and pick on your faults and shortcomings, and complain about you the moment your back is turned. Pets have always been a constant and unflinching source of companionship for newborn babies, toddlers, and aged people.

Having a pet dog or a cat to keep you company can fill the void you experience when you’re forlorn. It can provide you with the much needed fulfilment. Moreover, when you keep a pet, you’re also responsible for taking proper care of her. Activities like feeding, bathing, and grooming your pet and keeping their kennels tidy and comfortable will not only keep you occupied but also keep your social skills intact.

3. Workout on a regular basis

The indispensability of workouts and exercises does not need to be overemphasized in these stressed out times. Especially, if you’re without a friend in the world and feeling lonesome, working out regularly will go a long way in recharging your batteries and rejuvenating you.

Make sure that you perspire heavily by exercising vigorously for at least half an hour everyday. Have a wholesome and sumptuous meal forty minutes after your workout. At the end of it all, you’ll feel cheerful and energetic. If nothing, just go out for a morning or evening walk for thirty minutes and soak in the sunlight and breathe the clean air for a change.

4. Bring Out the Best in Yourself

Sometimes, loneliness can be good for you. Being all by yourself gives you the space and the time to take stock of your feelings; focus on your flaws and weaknesses, and buttress your virtues. Many great thinkers in the past have written tomes on solitude and stressed on the necessity of quarantined isolation once in a while.

When you’re left without any friends to keep you company, make yourself your own fast friend and rediscover yourself in a new way. Don’t suffer from a sense of low self-esteem just because you’re alone and never, ever look down upon yourself. When you’re all alone, you can easily be overtaken by negative feelings that might dent your confidence in a big way and you could start pitying yourself.

5. Keep Yourself Occupied

Always keep yourself occupied with some sort of activity like reading, solving crossword puzzles, painting or any outdoor engagement so that your mind does not wallow in pessimistic feelings.   

Just tell yourself that it’s quite normal not to have a single friend during a certain point in your life, contrary to what society has to say in this regard. Sometimes, having too many friends can make you dependent on others and dull your sense of independence. Bear in mind, that sometimes seclusion can be a blessing in disguise to turn you into a strong willed person.  

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