How to make a guy break up with you

How to make a guy break up with you

Break up is something that most couples hate to go through. Sometimes things get too struggling in the relationship and you conclude that a break up is the best step in the road to a happy life but you do not want to initiate it. So, what to do? There are many more ways to make a guy break up with you that tell you how not to feel guilty and get what you want. As a woman in relationship you should always stay beware when things aren’t going the way you want them to be. After some time in your relation if you conclude that your boyfriend is not the right person for you, so what to do?  Don’t worry because here we have some dramatic things you can do to make the guy dump you.

1. No More Calling

Questions like “why didn’t you pick my call” or “why was your number going busy when I was calling” are too common in relationships. Such questions are common topics for most fights in relationships.  So this tactic is a sure shot attempt to make your boyfriend boiling with anger. This will surely leave him irritated to the core.

Avoiding answering his calls or making him wait as long as possible can be a great way to dump your boyfriend. The other thing that you can do is not to call him when he expects you to. Let this go for days and then weeks. If your boyfriend is smart enough, he will surely get to know that you aren’t interested in him.

 2. Avoid Showing Interest

How to make a guy break up with you

The best thing to do is to avoid showing any kind of interest in his actions. Whatever he does or say, act as if you are not mentally with him. Whenever he tries to speak to you about anything, change the subject. Show a total negligence in comforts and thoughts. This will surely leave your guy frustrated.

Talk about the topics that aren’t relevant to your relationship and avoid listing to him. When he sees you acting so weirdly and showing less interest in him, he too will lose interest in you and make the first move towards break up.

3. Start Over Reacting

In order to make your boyfriend dump you need to get out of the ideal girlfriend’s position. Don’t be the same girl that you were in the starting of the relationship. Do things that he never expected that you would do. If you are still in talks, make issues of his day to day talks so that he avoids talking to you.

If he meets you, start over reacting about his habits and interests. One important thing the guys hate is that if you point out about their dressing. You can even tell him that his interest like sports and music is too boring and you hate it.

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