How to Organize your Closet

Did you just waste about an hour looking for one t–shirt but never found it. I know things might get quite frustrating when you have an over packed closet where the things are being collected but not managed properly. How to organize your closet is something you should know and execute at your home. If such is the case with you and your closet, it’s time that you look out for some organizing ideas for your wardrobe. An organized closet is a very important element of the systematized lifestyle as it shows the organizing capability of an individual.  Having a messy closet can be quite annoying, especially at times when you need to save the precious time. Therefore, having a closet that is well organized can bring that sense of joy and more importantly relief from the messier look that an untidy closet gives to your room. If you are looking for some organizing ideas for your closet, read the tips mentioned below and you will get a well-ordered closet in a simple manner.

1. Empty the Closet:

Before you start to give the wardrobe a complete new look, the first step that you need to follow is to take out all the clothes from your closet. As you make space in the closest, you need to separate the clothes according to their types. For instance, keep the summer clothing in separate heap and set apart the winter attires in another stack. Do similar with your regular clothing and party dresses so that you can organize them easily later on. Closest, for many people is not only for attires but they keep things like shoes, documents, gadgets, medicines and lots of other stuffs in it. For such cases you need to keep all these things in a separate box so that you can organize them later according to the space.

How to Organize your Closet

2. Organizing the Clothes:

When you have to organize the heaps of clothes, you need to keep them according to those that you like to wear on regular intervals. Separate the clothes that you find aren’t required for this time of the year and keep them apart of the regular wears. As you clean the closet you will find many dresses that are too outdated and are occupying the much required space in your wardrobe. Keep these dresses separate as they can be later donated to orphans or poor people. Similarly keep the regular clothes as your priority and make sure that you give them the maximum space in the closet.

Organizing the Clothes:

3. Divide the Closet:

Once you are done with the separation process, it’s time for you to divide the closest according to the number of stacks of clothes and things you distributed. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, you can give a specific area to the stack of clothes. If the numbers of shelves in the closet are less than the stacks of clothes, you can use wooden blocks to create separators and shelves for an organized look. Having the closest with multiple shelves will help you to organize things in a better way and moreover the closet will look much structured. Divide the area of the closet between formal dresses and your regular outfits. Space out the maximum area to the attires which you think will occupy the maximum space. Draw small partitions at the end of the closest where you can keep things like documents, medicines or gadgets. For additional features you can even label the shelves according to the kind of attires and things kept in the closet.

Divide the Closet

4. Keeping in the Clothes:

Now that you have separated the clothes according to your priority and divided the closet as per the space required for them, it is time for you to keep the clothes in the closest properly. For this you need to keep a wide section of the wardrobe where you can place the clothes in hangers. All those attires that you wear for your office should be kept in these hangers to keep the clothes in a proper manner. Keeping clothes on hanger helps save some space in the closet and makes it easier for you to find dresses quickly when you are really running short of time. For such an arrangement, you need to organize the clothes according to seasons, type and priority. Even the space under the hanged clothes can be used to keep things that you usually wear for home or party purposes. Similarly, the clothes that you don’t use regularly or aren’t required in this season should go to the other divided sections of the closest. Shoes are an important component of an organized closet, so you need to keep them separately. You should keep them in the lower most rack of the closest. If you think that your shoes will occupy a good amount of space in your closest, you should keep them according to your preferences. For instance the formal shoes can be kept in front with the jogging sports shoes and the flip-flops behind them. Similarly the boots that you wear occasionally can be separated from the regular pairs and you will have a good amount of free space in your closest.

Keeping in the Clothes

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