How to stop being nervous around your crush

How to stop being nervous around your crush

There’s a guy in your college or workplace to whom you feel attracted and have feelings for but you just cannot summon the courage to go up and speak to him. Every time you chance upon him either talking to someone in the hallway or studying quietly in the library, you have this uncontrollable urge to approach him. However, the moment you decide to walk up to him, your palms start sweating, you go red in the face and your heart seems to miss a beat.

Anyway, you’d be relieved to know that you’re not the only girl to become edgy or feel nervous when you find yourself face to face with the guy you have a crush for. There are scores of women in this whole wide world who simply cringe or shudder at the thought of talking to men they seem to fancy. Nevertheless, getting fidgety or restless every time you feel like warming up to the man you love will certainly not help matters.

You’d have to find Ways to Stop Being Nervous around the Guy you Like. You’d have to combat your feelings of nervousness and take your twitchy sentiments into stride. The fact that the guy that you want to get familiar with might be equally tense or anxious will help you to tackle your feelings. Once the feeling starts sinking in you that the guy is as human as you’re and is prone to becoming as jittery as you do, you’ll find it much easier to get near to him. Getting acquainted with following ways should help in preventing yourself from getting panicky the next time you come across your man.

How to stop being nervous around your crush

1. Recognize That Your Guy Is As Earthly As You’re

The next time your start feeling jumpy or jittery when you spot your guy, just tell yourself that he is not a supernatural being or an alien from outer space. You’ll find it much easier to take stock of your edginess or feelings of restlessness when you comprehend that your man is just as ordinary as any other human being. One of the reasons for your getting jittery about him is that you look upon him as if he’s some sort of demigod or as someone who’s extraordinary. The moment you realize that your object of desire is as regular and commonplace as you’re, your tense feelings will gradually evaporate.

2. Just Be Yourself

You feel as if you have lost control over yourself everytime you bump into your man. Your heart starts pounding, perspiration appears over your brow, and you go weak in the knees. You start behaving in a manner that is quite unbecoming of you. You start giggling uncontrollably or keep on staring for a long period that makes him feel embarrassed.

Try to think and act normally when you’re around the guy you fancy just in the same manner as you’d do with your close friends. Just steal a glance at him once in a while and smile more often. This kind of approach will surely be quite acceptable to him. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that just being yourself is what makes you appealing to others.

3. Make Yourself Look Fetching

It does not need to be mentioned that you want your guy to shower his attention on you. You simply want him to keep thinking about you just as you do about him. Perhaps the best way to get him attracted to you would be by dressing up glamorously, getting a facelift and sporting a tantalizing hairdo.

As far as turning out with perfection is concerned, you can do your homework well in advance if you happen to meet him regularly in college, office or weekend parties. Pick on a good dress from your wardrobe and get inside it. Stand in front of the mirror to satisfy yourself that you look stunning.

Put on makeup that adds to your natural beauty. If you can make yourself appear beautiful in his eyes, you’ll be on an equal footing with him. The idea is to make self look more bewitching which will undoubtedly boost your confidence level.

4. Decide Beforehand What’ll You’ll Discuss About With Your Guy

You know that you’ll be meeting him in different places either during the day or in the evening. You also know that you’ll have several opportunities of getting close to him and knowing him in a better manner. But you seem to get tongue-tied everytime an opportunity present itself where you can start a conversation with him.

To prevent yourself from getting speechless the next time you get a chance to get really personal with him, make a mental note of the things you can talk about in advance. Thinking out the topics of conversation beforehand will help you to hold forth the moment he comes near you. If you’re sure about what you want to discuss about, you can keep your nervousness at bay.

5. Gather Information About The Guy

You’ll find it easier to choose the topics of conversation, once you know more about the man you seem to have fallen head over heels in love with. If you can apprise yourself in advance about his likes and dislikes and interests and pastimes, you’ll know what you can converse about which will keep him riveted. You’ll be able to identify with him more conveniently if you can gather information about his background.

6. Hold Your Breath And Be Patient

Most of us seem to get desperate and impatient worrying about what might happen after the preliminary or introductory rounds of conversation is over. However, there’s no point in disturbing your peace of mind by fretting needlessly about the future course of events over which you don’t have any control. You’d just have to convince yourself that you’ll not be able to develop a lasting bond with the man you love just in a single day. Needless to say, you’ll have to be patient and give sufficient time to the process of your trying to establish a rapport. Attempting to rush through the course might make matters worse and you’ll end up getting frustrated.

7. Keep Yourself In High Spirits

The main cause of your anxiety or jumpiness when you’re around your man is your feeling unconfident about yourself. You seem to give exaggerated importance to your guy and overrate him and in the process end up losing faith in yourself. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about your guy but then at the same time, you should not underestimate your own worthiness.          

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