How to stop hanging out with bad friends

how to stop hanging out with bad friends

A relationship becomes unbearable when it starts affecting your space. The relationship is not meant to be endured but enjoyed. The first relationship that we make in our life is that of friendship. Friendship plays a very vital role in the overall development of an individual. It is the company of your friends that define and determine your approach towards life. Friends are the ones who teach you all the necessary aspects of life. But, when those same friends become the reason for pain and depression in your life, then it is time to distance yourself from them.

How to end a friendship when it is dragging you down? This article will deal with the issue of being stuck in the company of friends who are not fulfilling the very purpose of friendship. The true purpose of friendship is to motivate, encourage, correct, love, forgive, teach etc. If you have friends who are not fulfilling the above mentioned points, then it’s time for you to change the circle you are in. A friendship is not meant to bring you down, but lift you up in your bad situation. If your friendship is pulling you down and intruding your personal space, then it’s time to seriously start thinking about the future of your friendship.

how to stop hanging out with bad friends

1. Avoid:

The first step that you can take in order to end your friendship is by avoiding your friend(s). Don’t answer his/her calls. By not answering their calls, you will send the right message to them.  By avoiding them, you can avoid unwanted and unnecessary problems. You can also save yourself from depression that friends like these cause to an individual. Restricting small talks or calls will help you prepare for the break-up.

When you start to avoid your friend, it will prompt him/ her to ask you for the reason of your actions. You can take that time and explain him/ her the reason and why you think it is best for you to end the friendship with them. This action of yours will either help your friend understand his/ her mistake or mutually agree for the break-up.

2. Open Talk:

If you are unable to maintain the friendship due to any reason, it is always better to talk openly to your friend about the same. When you talk openly, you will give a clear picture to your friend and this will help you resolve the problem. An open approach is the best approach if you don’t want to drag the friendship any further.

When you have an open talk with your friend, you will have a quick break-up. As you openly share the problems that you have with your friend, it will help him/ her to understand the problems that their attitude is causing to you.  If you are willing to take the open route then choose a proper time and place to have a proper uninterrupted conversation. When you are talking to your friend, make sure you maintain your cool throughout. Remember, the very purpose of ending a friendship is peace. By harbouring unnecessary grudge, you will deprive yourself of the peace you have been searching for.

3. Make Up your Mind:

You need to make up your mind once and for all. As you make this attempt of breaking the friendship, you may find it very difficult to do so. Break-ups are never easy, as they take a part of your soul away from you. But, if your friendship has been giving you problems so much that you think that breaking it up is the only way to peace then, just go for it no matter what the cost may be.

After you are done with the break-up, you will feel bad and lonely. You might even feel sorry for yourself. But, you need to understand that if your friend was the reason for making you feel bad or terrible or made you regret for ever having friendship with him/ her, then remember that whatever happened, happened for good. Instead of sulking in the sea of sadness, you should prepare and brace yourself for the future that promises peace and happiness.

4. Move On:

The best way to tackle any pain is by moving on.  As you break-up with your friend, it might make you sad or disheartened. But, you need to understand that not all people are the same and at times leaving a relationship behind is the best favor you can do to yourself.

As you meet new people in your life, try to mix with them instead of sulking in your past. With the entrance of new people in your people you will slowly forget the pain of your past. The new friends that you make will help you fill the space inside. Usually, after a break-up, people tend to get into depression. By you meeting and mixing with new people, the danger of getting into depression can be kept at bay.

5. Be Good:

It has been seen that when people have a break-up, they tend to become aggressive. As you confront your friend and put forward your solution of parting ways, you may be tempted to lose your cool and become aggressive. Remember not to ever lose your cool in circumstances like that. If you lose your cool and react or act in a bad way, chances are that you will miss out on the very purpose you wanted the break-up to happen; peace. If the fault is from your friend’s side, then have a big heart and forgive. By doing so, you will be doing a great favour to yourself and have peace.

When you opt for break-up, chances are that your friend might become aggressive or abusive. In situations like these, try to have a calm approach. Different people react differently to different situations. As your friends become aggressive or abusive, you may be tempted to do the same. But, the only good thing you can do to and for yourself, is refraining from these feelings. No matter how true and real these feelings may seem, but tit-for-tat is not meant to give anyone peace.

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