My boyfriend’s friends disrespect me

My boyfriend's friends disrespect me

Do your boyfriend’s friends give you hints that they totally dislike you? Have there been instances to make you think that they might actually hate you? This is a very difficult situation to be in. You love your boyfriend and his friends seem to hate you. You know that your boyfriend loves you and also that your boyfriend’s friends are really important for him. How do you balance out the situation? Well, the first thing to know is why they dislike you so much.

In this post we are going to discuss the 10 reason why do your boyfriend’s friends hate you. No girl would like to see or to answer that Why do Your Boyfriend’s Friends Hate You, this might be a most embarrassing moment for any girly to answer such question. There can be many reasons What you need to do first of all is analyze why these friends would hate you when you may or may not have a good relationship with your boyfriend. The first thing that you need to understand is that past a certain age, it is very difficult or almost impossible for a person to be able to make real friends. He is set in his ways and is comfortable with all the people that he already knows as friends. This is true of his friends also. They don’t really want to add anyone else to the ‘gang’, especially someone of the opposite sex. They also realize that for their friend, you are important; this is not how you come across to them. They start resenting you because your boyfriend chooses you over them. This is the most difficult thing to accept. They were a part of a wonderful equation and suddenly on of them bring in a girlfriend completely mis-balancing the equation that these people shared mutually. The one thing to understand is that it is not your obligation to make your boyfriend’s friends happy, or oblige them in any way. Your relationship with your boyfriend’s friends is because of your boyfriend and not them. As far as your boyfriend does not have a problem with you, things are great however you can check if they have reasonable concerns that you may be able to address.

My boyfriend's friends disrespect me

1. He’s spending very little time with them

Well, this actually is a reasonable concern. Not that you can do anything about it. If your best friend got involved with a guy and she suddenly stops spending time with you, you will end up resenting her boyfriend for no fault of his, wouldn’t you? Well, the answer to this is balance. You need to strike a balance. If you are spending weekends together, you need to let your boyfriend spend time with his friends at least twice a week. How you make this workout, is totally up to the two of you. This is because every friendship, like every relationship is different. You need to let the ‘boys be boys’ and have a night to them.

2. They might have a superiority complex

This is a strange but fairly common reason. If they feel that you are a misfit in their social circle, they might just start resenting you. They might judge you based on your financial status, and decide that they can’t really hang out with you. Your boyfriend may or may not agree with their point of view, but you need to understand that it is your boyfriend’s friends who have a problem here and you really can’t do anything about it. You don’t need to feel any sort of an obligation towards impressing such people, unless you want to. If they hate you for this reason, you must concentrate on your relationship with your boyfriend and forget about his friends.

3. He is a changed person, they hate it

Your boyfriend might have changed since he has been with you. He may dress up in a different style, eat different food and even drink different wine than before. These changes, even if they are for the better, can be very difficult for your boyfriend’s friends to understand. They might see the change in him and associate it directly with you being a part of his life. They miss his old buddy and they blame you for stealing him from them. You will have to address this issue with your boyfriend and he will have to make them understand that their concerns are useless. Deep down he is the same friend they all love.

4. They feel that they are not a part of the group, anymore

Do you feel that your boyfriend’s friends feel left out in your company? The indicator for this being true is that they totally avoid going out with you and your boyfriend together. Whenever they get a chance to hang out with your boyfriend, they do and when they know that you will also join them, they avoid meeting up. What you need to do in such a situation is that you should make all the efforts to make them feel comfortable. If you plan to hang out in a group, try and be a part of that group instead of just being with your boyfriend. If you try to be a part of the group when everyone is together, you will be welcomed with open arms.

5. They might feel that you are a controlling and nagging girl

This is one of the most common reasons why your boyfriend’s friends might hate you. If you try to control everything that your boyfriend does, you will end up being hated by his friends. In this case you really need to give some space to your boyfriend. If he is a on a boys’ night out and you keep calling him to check on him, you are giving his friends reasons to hate you.

6. They want to protect their buddy

Some friends are very protective of each other. They try to protect their friends from anything they feel is not right for them, in this case, that something is you. You might come across to them as a selfish gold digger. This is a very difficult thing to accept. Or they might genuinely feel that you two are a mismatch, and should not be together. Their intention in this case is to protect their friend from a potential heartbreak.

7. They might have really liked his ex-girlfriend

This is a sad situation and not your fault. They might have really liked your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and don’t understand the reason for their breakup. You really can’t help them in this case because if you come to think of it, this has nothing to do with you. All you can do is wait, wait till the time they realize that you are not a bad person.

8. They might be uncomfortable in your company

You need to analyze the time that you spend with your boyfriend’s friends and sometimes you will realize that it is you who makes them uncomfortable. This could be because of the way you talk with them or the way you behave around them. To rectify this, you can talk to them and ask them what exactly they get uncomfortable with.

9. His friends feel that he is way out of your league

This is another common reason, sometimes friend feel that their friend is too good for you and then they start resenting you. This is really not your fault and you can’t really do anything about it.

They secretly want you to be their girlfriend:

This seems funny to read but it can be a strong reason why your boyfriend’s friend could hate you. They might feel that you are too good for him and they should actually be with you. If you feel something of this sort, you need to address this issue, there is not true solution to this problem and you might have to stop hanging out with these people.

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