Places to Meet Rich Women

Places to Meet Rich Women

Although this world seems to full of pretty young nubile things that you can court for a date, well-heeled women are a rare breed. Wealthy women are very difficult to spot and therefore as exclusive and sought after as diamonds. Almost all men worth their salt want to be associated with women who’re well-to-do. Being in a relationship with a woman who’s not only affluent but also has an exalted social status rubs off on you.

Though prosperous and well-off women have always been up for grabs, the persistent gloomy economic scenario has increased their premium. Women who’re flush with money irrespective of whether they’ve earned it or inherited it, have everything going for them. Opulent women can afford to have almost anything in the world with their wealth.

However, a majority of the women with moneybags are quite discerning and perceptive when it comes to choosing a partner either for a short or long-term relationship. They’d prefer having an affair with a man who may not be financially stable but is smart and intelligent with a subtle sense of humour. So, if you think that you’ve all the above criteria you can frequent the following places to meet rich women and use your charm to woo them.

Places to Meet Rich Women

1. Offices and Bureaus

Women have become very careerist these days and so you’d come across many single women engaged in almost all kinds of professions. You’d find them working in banks, law offices, administrative set ups, airports, advertising firms, media, and so on. Many women hold managerial or executive positions in a majority of business organizations and corporate entities.

Needless to say, they’re getting handsome salaries and remunerations that allow them to live king-size. However, what’d matter to you most is that a large number of these sophisticated females happen to be unmarried. But how do you get a chance to meet these women? Of course, through networking as this is the age of the Internet where you have access to innumerable number of social media networks.

You’ll need to surf the net using the right keywords to come across sites where single rich ladies post their profiles. However, you’d have to be a little circumspect while browsing as many portals can prove to be a red herring.

Since a majority of the urbane and classy women do not bother uploading their profiles online, you might end up with someone who might not fit the bill. You can always meet such women in trade fairs, exhibitions, symposiums and business conferences.  Just make sure that you groom yourself perfectly before you can approach them.

2. Shopping Malls and Departmental Stores

It is not unusual for moneyed women to frequent high-end retail stores, shopping malls, departmental stores, and jewellery boutiques. You’d find them visiting these places, early in the morning or afternoon when the rest of the world would be busy working.

You’d see them splurging their wealth in the jewellery, apparel, and footwear stores of an upscale shopping complex. If you can manage to find time to loiter around these shops and outlets either in the morning or afternoon, you may end up attracting a lady who might be an affluent dowager or a rich heiress. On your end, you’d need to dress up nattily and ooze charm and confidence.

3. Art Galleries and Museums

Have you ever wondered who buys the majority of paintings and objects d arts that are displayed in art galleries and museums that almost always seemed obscure to you? If you visit an art gallery by chance, you’re most likely to come across women with bulging purses, very attentively pouring over an exquisite piece of architecture or oil painting.

Although you’d have a hard time making out whether they’re genuine fine arts connoisseurs or just being pretentious, you can be sure of one thing about them. These are women with pots of gold, literally speaking. If you can be a little bold in extolling their intellectual tastes and pursuits while glancing at the exhibits, you can get them to take an interest in you. However, you’d have to understand the nuances and subtleties while appreciating their aesthetic qualities. Never go overboard with your flattery.

4. Exotic and Glamorous Destinations

You must have seen gorgeous and resourceful women (both physically and materially) cavorting and strolling around in the beaches of Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Copacabana on TV. These exotic and upmarket destinations are the haunts of the rich and famous including well-known female modes and actresses. However, you should be prepared to spend a princely sum to get to these spots.

Once you get there, your chances of meeting well-off women increase manifold and if you’re in luck, you could end up charming a widowed duchess or a young heiress. These destinations are sparsely populated and never get overcrowded as one needs to blow up a fortune to stay here even for a couple of days! That means less competition for you.

5. Upscale Restaurants and Bars

You’d naturally expect rich and stylish women to wine and dine in the swankiest of bars and restaurants. The atmosphere in the high end bars and bistros is very relaxed and laidback. If you frequent such upscale addresses, you’d find bevy of rich belles chatting with each other over a drink or merrily enjoying a sumptuous brunch. Again, you’d have to be ready to spend to get anywhere near these women.

6. Boutique Hotels

Five-star and boutique hotels are ideal places to chance upon wealthy women as these addresses offer them the perfect ambience to take a break from the monotony of daily living. You’d see them relaxing with a drink over the bar counter or sprawled out in an easy chair besides the swimming pool. You don’t need to make room reservations to gain entry to these places. Just get yourself a drink and be ready to chat up a woman by offering to buy a drink for her.

7. Luxury Spas

The well-to-do women like to pamper themselves with a massage or a steam sauna bath in a luxury spa after an exhaustive day at office or business. They often go to lavish spas at the end of a tiring day for de-stressing and relaxing.

8. Nightclubs

A ritzy nightclub also offers the perfect sanctuary to a woman who is willing to splurge and money is not a problem. No matter whichever nightclub you go to, you’ll always find the place teeming and swarming with rich and single women who want to have a whale of a time.

9. High Profile Parties

Needless to say, high profile cocktail parties, charity balls, and product launch promotions see the congregation of celebrities and well-established individuals in society under one roof. So it does need to be emphasised that if you want to set yourself up with a rich woman, you’d need to solicit an invitation into any such high profile get together.

10. Exclusive Clubs

Rich women are as exclusive, rare and unique as diamonds. Exclusivity and elitism are their hallmarks. So, what are the places and addresses that can cater to the exclusiveness and elegance of classy and affluent women?  Society clubs, yacht clubs, golf clubs, and ladies clubs’ seem to fit the bill easily. So, what’d you need is just a membership to gain access to any of these associations and you never know when you’ll hit the jackpot.

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