Reveal the Real Girl: Truth or Dare Questions for Girls

Truth or Dare Questions for Girls

A woman is believed to be like a mystery. Men find it very difficult to know the secrets of a woman. Well, if you want to get to know the depth of a woman’s heart, playing truth or dare game will be a great idea. It is the most amazing and entertaining game that brings out the traits and secrets of a person. It can be still more entertaining and funny if you ask embarrassing questions. You will enjoy seeing your friends doing embarrassing stuffs.

So, if you are planning to host a get together at your home, make a list of some interesting truth or dare questions for girls. Since you will not get enough time to think about the funniest questions, this list will help you to make the party memorable for your girlfriends. Besides enjoyment, the truth or dare game also helps you to get to learn the secrets of your friends. However, you should not ask anything that may hurt the emotions of a girl. To avoid such chances that can ruin the enjoyment of your party, you should ask only those questions that are funny, naughty and interesting. This game is popular among all age groups, and you can play it with more than two players. Well, there are various truth or dare questions that even boys can ask the girls. These questions will definitely bring cheer to your party, and you will also get franker with each other. Some of these interesting questions are:

Truth or Dare Questions for Girls


1.Do you have a boyfriend?

2. Have you ever kissed your boyfriend?

3. Have you ever watched a porn movie?

4.Are you serious for your boyfriend or just flirting with him?

5. Who was your first crush?

6. Do you have a crush on someone in this group?

7. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

8. Have you ever made a fool of yourself in front of everyone?

9. What is the biggest secret of your life that you have never shared with anyone?

10.Have you ever proposed a guy for marriage?


1. Share the biggest secret of your life.

2. Call your boyfriend and say that you want to kiss him.

3.  Go outside and kiss the person you meet first.

4. Dance like an item girl.

5. Call or text your mom and tell her that you are pregnant.

6. Show us your bra.

7. Act like a porn star.

8. Kiss the person you like the least in this room.

9. Sing a song and dance on this table.

10. Pour a bucket of water over your head.


1.Have you ever had sex with your boyfriend?

2. When and with whom was your first kiss?

3. What is the biggest regret of your life?

4.  Have you ever been fired by your boss?

5. What do you like the most about yourself?

6. Which feature of your face you don’t like?

7. What is your biggest fear?

8.  What does your dream boy look like?

9.What is your wildest fantasy?

10. Name the person you want to marry?


1. Go outside and sing or act like a beggar.

2. Make prank calls to your boyfriend.

3.  Show us the dirty messages in your phone.

4.Act like you are with your boyfriend.

5. Give an extempore speech for five minutes without stopping.

6. Give a demo of the best way to do romance with a guy.

7.  Go to the balcony and shout- ‘save me’.

8. Kiss all the girls in this room.

9. Slap everyone who comes in front of you.

10. Steal money from a stranger’s pocket.

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