Romantic evening ideas for married couples

romantic evening ideas for married couples

Familiarity breeds contempt-that’s a pithy saying that holds good for all kinds of relationships and particularly for affairs and associations that culminate into marriages. The first few years of your wedded life can be aptly described as the ‘honeymoon phase’ as there’s a hardly weekend when the two of you don’t end up doing something together for showering love and affection on each other.

On some Saturdays, you go out of breath trying to reach the theatre in time as your husband expectantly waits for you at the foyer. Then again on some Sundays, you’re all decked up to go out for a dinner at the high end restaurant just down the street. However, after the expiry of a certain period which could be 10 months or 10 years, you seem to run out of ideas on what to do to enjoy each other’s company.

After all, watching movies or going out for dinners or escaping to a picturesque destination every weekend or so can get monotonous and humdrum after a while. The self-same routine of getting ready for an event or dressing up elaborately so that you look perfect for the occasion can tire you out.

Though most would advise you to keep the affinity between you and your spouse intact by not letting the flame of romance to get extinguished, hardly anybody would offer you suggestions on how to rekindle the dormant ardour. However, does the failure to come up with ideas on how to spend time together mean that you should sit at home and keep staring at each other’s face?

There are so many ways of re-igniting the spark of love and romance in your life. If you cannot recall the last time you took a roller coaster ride with your better half under the canopy of a starry night or observed the sun setting down on the beach, then it’s time you relived them.

Remember, dating nights are not always about romance or passion but also about reviving the memories of the times you spent together when both of you were trying to get acquainted with each other. So, here are some inventive dating night ideas for married couples that you could do with to bring the sparkle back in your lack-lustre association.

romantic evening ideas for married couples

1. Replay Those Moments When You First Met Each Other

You sure remember the spot where your eyes met for the first time and it was almost love at first sight. It could have been at the college campus or canteen or at the McDonald’s outlet in your locality. Why not schedule an evening together so that you can revisit the exact spot where you caught your spouse staring at you with open-mouthed wonder? Make the evening extra special by trying to recollect the first words both of you uttered and re-enact the scene. You can suggest each other on how you could have performed better if you got a chance to go back in time and replay those moments.

2. Relive Your Dates

You sure remember those days when you went on a dating spree. The places and venues where you used to have a rendezvous might also be etched in your memory like picture postcards. You particularly remember the day when you ordered ‘lobster bisque’ for your wife at your favourite restaurant and she almost choked on it as she was allergic to lobsters. You can suddenly turn up at that bistro and reorder that same dish for your wife. Savour the dread on her face when the dish is laid out on the table and then enjoy a hearty laugh together.

3. Propose To Your Wife, All Over Again

There’s no way you can forget the place where you proposed to the girl who is now your better half. It was at a nature park overlooking the rivulet in your home town. Why not take your wife to that park and pleasantly surprise her by going down on your knees and proposing to her as if it’s the first time?

Do not forget to buy a bunch of flowers before you enter the park. Just bear in mind that the idea is to recreate the magic and bring back the joie-de-vivre that once used to flow spontaneously in your relationship.

4. A Blind Date Can Work Wonders

Although you know that you still love each other intensely, you’d often want to check out the intensity level of your intimacy. Why not plan for a blind date? Leaving all by yourself for an unusual or mysterious place without telling your partner would be an excellent way of setting the stage for a passionate blind date that has an air of secrecy woven into it.

Take it upon yourself to make all the arrangements like selecting the destination and making the hotel reservations and then leaving behind a trail of small notes or chits that he or she’ll not have too much trouble in discovering. Each such note will have a clue on where you’re headed to.

You can add to the mysticism of your disappearing act by making an integrated series of small memos where each such reminder would give a subtle hint of your likely hideout and have instructions for your companion to look for the subsequent note that contains a more revealing hint.

Once your other half is able to fit the bits and pieces of the conundrum and successful in discovering your place of escape, he or she’ll be a bit agitated with you for having made him or her struggle so much. Nevertheless, your partner will be quite excited about the whole episode if he or she is of the sporting type.

The two of you might find yourself fighting like kids when your spouse spots you after his or her exhaustive trail. However, it should not take time for the fighting game to turn into a game of fervent lovemaking if you two still feel physically attracted to each other.

The objective behind going for a blind date that has a veil of mystery around it is to make your getaway as thrilling and seductive as possible. 

5. Think of Presenting Each Other a Gift That Both of You’ll Cherish

Every time your wedding anniversary comes up, you get busy trying to make the forthcoming occasion more extraordinary than the last time. In the process, you end up buying costly gifts for each other and then feast on a sumptuous dinner in an upscale restaurant to commemorate the occasion. It sure does cost the both of you quite a lot and can be financially draining in these recessive times.

Being a little creative, as far as your upcoming marriage anniversary celebrations are concerned, will not only help you to save on your hard-earned money but will also bring about a refreshing change in the method of commemoration. The money that you’d spend to buy expensive presents or a full course meal can be well spent on buying a memento or memorabilia that both of you’d treasure for a lifetime.

This souvenir could be anything from an antique timepiece to a novel that you had been looking for a long time to read. You’d be really amazed at the treasure trove you could unearth at an antique store or in a flea market many of which would be perfect gift ideas for your next matrimonial anniversary.

6. Numerous Other Night-Time Ideas for Wedded Couples

Instead of going out for dinner in every weekend or so, you can rustle up a good meal for yourselves at home. You can shop together for the ingredients to make a delicious meal. You can also go for an extensive menu where the two of you can take turns in preparing the different dishes. You can flirt with each other while cooking the items and pay compliments to each other for your culinary skills. You can enjoy the preparations in bed and have rollicking sex with each other post dinner.

Another great idea would be to take the elaborate affair of making a good meal outdoors. A barbeque if planned properly can be really exhilarating and you’ll cherish those precious moments you spend together under the stars. Before camping out, do a recce of some of the nature spots in and around your city so that you can have a perfect barbeque.

Sometimes, be a little philanthropic and donate the discarded items lying about in your home (that would’ve found their way to a garbage or waste recycling centre in any case) to an old age home or an orphanage. Instead of always being busy trying to please one another, you can spend quality time with each other by offering to volunteer for a social cause.

Though you’ll not be able to change the world for the better by working for a charity or a fund raising organization, you’ll have a sense of fulfilment for having done your bit for a noble cause.

So, there are almost innumerable night ideas of dating your other half or better half to keep the flame of love, passion and romance burning in your conjugal relationship.

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