Treat Yourself as a New Candidate

So, you are one of those people who are in a state of doubt and regret, thinking of getting your old job back. Well, if you are one such soul, don’t despair because there are a good number of people who find themselves in the same boat as you. Yes, it is true. You are the not only one who thinks he has made a wrong decision and therefore, you should not allow guilt and regret to tear down your spirit and soul. Everyone has a right to make decisions in life and these decisions are invariably going to have their repercussions on your life because you are the one who put life into them.

Every decision comes with an opportunity cost and this cost may or may not be worthwhile for you. The same holds true for a career decision as well. If you feel that the opportunity cost of changing your job has been too high, you can recover it by taking steps to get your old job back. However, it is a tough task and you cannot be direct and naive in your approach as you go about pursuing the task. You have to treat the mission as a do-or-die thing and only then you can expect to win back your job. Below we have listed down the steps that you need to adopt. Check them out.

1. Get an Insider’s View

This is the most important thing as you reapply for the job that you quit. You must be having contacts because many people from the office must have been your colleagues-cum-friends. They can be of immense help as they can tell you about the present management and the work culture that is in place. Things change very rapidly at workplaces and it is not necessary that your organization will be in the same shape as you left it. You should get yourself acquainted with the current situation as it will help you in drafting the ‘return’ strategy accordingly.


2. Revamp your Resume 

So, you left your past company for certain reasons and have worked with a new one for some period and now you want to go back to your previous company. Well, don’t think that they will take you back just because you had sailed through the interview in the past and have worked with them. Whether they have found your replacement or not, you must be ready with an up-to-date resume. When you go for the interview, it must be evident from your resume that you are earnest in your request and can bring quality and productivity with your new-found experience and skills.

Revamp your Resume

3. Contact the Hiring Department

The hiring department is your first point of contact as you go about your efforts at getting your old job back. So, send them an e-mail or request them to fix a meeting with you. Since you have worked with them in the past and if you have not left on a quarrelsome note, they will surely reply to your mail or give you a positive response in return for your request. It will not get you your job back in an instant but it will surely smoothen the process and pave the way for further proceedings.

Contact the Hiring Department

4. Treat Yourself as a New Candidate

Don’t come to the old organization with the old attitude as it might rub the hiring manger the wrong way. He might misinterpret your goodwill for arrogance. So, treat this old job as a new job because this is the wise thing to do. Of course, you have an edge in that you are aware of the work culture and have a favorable skill-set but that should not guide your motive. Get ready with a new resume and make sure that whatever you have gained as work experience find a reflection in your CV and your interview answers. This will give the impression that you are sincere and earnest about the opportunity.

Treat Yourself as a New Candidate

5. Be Ready for Questioning Eyes and Tough Interrogation

This is quite possible whether you have left on an amicable note or a hostile note. Your company would be surely having concerns while taking you back. So, there are very good chances that they will put you through a tough interview where you will have to face unpleasant questions. Well, don’t take it personally because only then you can deal with them in a tactful style. If you feel that you made a mistake in leaving your past job, admit it. Give them a convincing reply so that there is no room left for doubts regarding your intentions in the mind of your past employer.

Be Ready for Questioning Eyes and Tough Interrogation

6. Don’t be Complacent and Harbor Expectations

Even if you have not burnt bridges and left for a promising opportunity, you should not think that you will be welcomed with open arms and there will be nothing like probation or an easy route. You might find yourself in a new situation where you will be given a new role or new responsibilitiesSo, think of yourself as a fresh candidate in the old company and take all the tasks seriously. Try to put in extra efforts and hours because they are only reasonable and requisite.

Don’t be Complacent and Harbor Expectations

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