Sure-shot Signs you’re Totally Over your ex

You don’t Wish them Anything Negative or Bad

Getting over a breakup is never easy for anyone. The period after you have said goodbye to your lover or beloved is full of sad and dull moments, at times, even harassing ones. Everyone has a different way of reacting to the trying phase. Some go into a shell, refusing to talk to anyone and everyone while some become resentful and irritable. They start hating the world and become typical “disillusioned souls” who have got just anger in their heart, mind and soul. But as is said by many, time is a great healer. It has the ability to heal even the most painful wound. Of course, getting dumped is not an easy thing to digest. The trauma of rejection and humiliation is too great. It is tough, trying and terrible. You feel as though you are the most unfortunate person in the world and the question “why me” keeps nagging you to death. However, it would do you good to remember that you are not the only one who has been through this experience. Lots of people have traveled this unfortunate road and that include many great personalities ranging from film stars to writers. So, don’t think you are the only one and if you try you can surely get over your ex. Just let it be. Don’t try to calculate and rationalize.  When you didn’t plan anything in the first place and fell in love just like that, it is very natural not to plan anything about the post-breakup phase. Let the circumstances take their natural course and a time will come when you will find that the thing that haunted you like anything has become nothing. Sounds incredible, isn’t it? It is but it is true. You will see the positive signals. There are signs you’re totally over your ex and if you find them in your attitude and behavior, it is good news.They are an indication that you will get your life back. Want to find out what are they? Here are the clues:

1. You Don’t Think About Your ex

The thoughts of your ex that never left you have stopped considerably. You are no longer in the past and have started enjoying the present. All those moments that you spent together are not the only thing that are there in your memory. In other words, the very thought of your ex doesn’t drive you crazy or brings remorse, pain and guilt.

Sure-shot Signs you’re Totally Over your ex

2. You have Stopped Hating him/her

Hate is the invariable corollary of passionate love. The person who you loved most can also become the most hated after a breakup. This is strange but true. Love is the most dynamic phenomenon in the world. It can cause a lot of negativity if the affair goes sour. So, if you find out one fine day that you are not wishing anything bad to the person who made you feel bad, it is a sign that you are over your ex.

You have Stopped Hating him

3. You Don’t Fear Running into Your ex

After a breakup, the most pecking thing that keeps you occupied is the thought that how would you handle the situation if you happen to meet your ex. You keep thinking about all the possibilities that you can rely on to deal with the dreadful situation. So. if you are no longer afraid of your old flame and don’t think even a little as to how would you react then if you happen to meet them, then it is a sure-shot sign that things have a taken a positive turn and your future is no longer tied to your past.

You Don’t Fear Running into Your ex

4. Facebook Pictures and Feeds of  Your ex do not Disturb you

The social networking sites play a big role in our life and yes, when it comes to handling a breakup, you have to deal with them. They are the places that once screamed of your intimacy, passion and moments. You also had common friends and many of them are still there in your circle. The first thing that many people do after a breakup is deactivate their account or start stalking their ex if he/she has unfriended them. So, if you stop doing the both and you don’t cringe if a feed or picture of your ex pops up on your page then it is a healthy sign.

Facebook Pictures and Feeds of  Your ex do not Disturb you

5. You don’t Look at Gifts and Cards of Your ex with a Sense of Longing

A lot of memories and sentiments are associated with the gifts and notes that couples exchange with each other when they are in relationship. After a breakup, it becomes very difficult to look at those memorable gifts without feeling sad. So, if you discover that those gifts and cards have stopped eliciting pain and yearning from you, it is a sign that you have overcome your past.

You don’t Look at Gifts and Cards of Your ex with a Sense of Longing

6. You don’t Wish them Anything Negative or Bad

After you have been dumped and ditched, it is quite natural to feel angst and agony. The person, who made you feel so good once, is now the source of all the pain that exists in your life.  So, why would any sane person wish them well? But this is a very strange fact about love that even if we try we cannot hate the person we love. The intermittent thoughts of hate are nothing but a kind of love. Haven’t you heard the phrase? Love and hate are the two sides of the same coin. So, if you feel a kind of neutral thing for your ex that doesn’t have an iota of hate then it is a sign that your ex is truly an ex.

You don’t Wish them Anything Negative or Bad

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