Tattoo faded after peeling

tattoo faded after peeling

You really take pride on the tattoo that you’ve on the small of your back. You remember going from one tattooist in town to another who’d be able to ink out a tattoo according to your specifications until you tracked down the consummate professional. So, you’re done with the most taxing part, as far as your tattoo is concerned.

However, just as any great work of art would require regular maintenance and care for its preservation your tattoo too would need routine upkeep if you want to retain its appeal. So, how you take care of your newly acquired tattoo will unquestionably have a bearing on the longevity of your tattoo. As your tattooist engraved the tattoo on you with extreme dedication, the responsibility for its aftercare is exclusively on you. If you’re serious about sporting your tattoo as a badge of distinction as well as a mark of identification, you can’t afford to be lax with its maintenance.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that caring for your tattoo is definitely not a one-off affair. You’d have to keep tending to it for almost a lifetime if you want to hold on to the newness or freshness it had when you flaunted it for the first time. Most of us when we go for tattooing overlook the aspect of discoloration or fading that is associated with a tattoo.

There’s certainly going to be a degree of waning or diminishing of the coloring of your tattoo with the passage of time. It’s quite normal for your tattoo to suffer wear-and-tear to an extent. However, your tattoo is bound to start fading early, if you do not follow the stipulated instructions as to its aftercare and slipshod about its upkeep.

Ensuring thorough care of the tattoo in the first two days is very crucial. To be a little more specific, if you indeed want to avert your tattoo from fading early on, you should be meticulous about its preservation in the first two weeks. Zealously abide by the aftercare specifications given by your tattooist under all circumstances. Furthermore, make yourself thoroughly aware of the Ways to Keep Tattoos from Fading that has been elucidated in the following paragraphs.

1. Strictly Abide by the Aftercare Specifics

After your tattooist was done with the task of tattooing, he must have given you suggestions about your tattoo’s methodical and comprehensive care. Under no circumstance, compromise with his directions on aftercare. This would essentially entail not using any cheap or substandard product that might have a detrimental effect on your tattoo.

You’d certainly not want to spoil the unique artwork and unwarrantedly let it lose its luster just for the sake of saving a few dollars. There are good reasons for your tattooist’s suggesting specific products to you. There’s a good chance that he might have tried out an assortment of tattoo aftercare items before making a list of the products that he’d be able to recommend to his clients. In case you don’t see yourself agreeing to the products recommended by him, you can always discuss with him about the possible alternatives.

tattoo faded after peeling

2. Be Extremely Careful Regarding the Bandaging

The tattooist surely must have wrapped a shroud or bandage around your tattoo after he completed etching the tattoo. The wraparound is necessary for safeguarding your tattoo from bacterial or microbial infection. Do not remove or discard the bandage at least in the first two hours as advised by your tattooist. Hold on to your desperation of displaying your freshly obtained tattoo to your friends.

The longer the wraparound stays around your tattooed area, the better. While removing the bandage be careful about the way you unwrap the same. Unwrap the dressing very slowly. Once you’re done with it, rinse your hands thoroughly with an antimicrobial or antibacterial liquid soap.

Thereafter, cleanse the tattoo very mildly with the same antibacterial solution. Let the area around your tattoo dry up completely. Smear your tattooed area with the prescribed ointment or unguent suggested by your tattooist.

Be Extremely Careful Regarding the Bandaging

3. Repeat the Process of Applying the Prescribed Aftercare Ointment

Bear in mind that your entire tattooed area was perforated with needles by the tattooist when he was inking the design. So, once you throw away the bandage, your tattoo becomes susceptible to getting contaminated by airborne bacteria or microscopic organisms. Hence, you’d have to see to it that the region around your tattoo doesn’t get infected but is also able to retain its luster and appeal.

Therefore, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you’d have to keep applying the recommended lotion or liniment many times in a day. You’d have to keep the tattoo damp without unnecessarily drenching it. Your tattoo needs to effectively sail through the healing process and for that it needs to respire. Therefore, you’ll need to apply the ointment several times in a 24-hour period but overdoing it will rob the tattoo of its coloring and brightness.

Then again, you’ll also need to thoroughly wash the area to do away with any leftover ointment before you can apply a fresh coat. You’ll also need to scrupulously clean the area of any flaking skin and blood/plasma. After your tattoo has healed sufficiently, apply a moisturizing lotion or salve periodically to prevent unnecessary drying or crusting of the tattooed area. Regular application of a lotion also helps to keep the vividness of the coloring intact.

Repeat the Process of Applying the Prescribed Aftercare Ointment

4. Put on Loose Fitting Clothes

Make it a point to wear clothes and garments that are loose-fitting, especially when your tattoo is going through the healing process. Clothes that are tight-fitting scrape or rub against the tattoo resulting in unduly irritating the area. Subsequently scabs or flakes that would have fallen off on their own are pulled off prematurely.

Put on Loose Fitting Clothes

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