Things to do at a birthday party at home

things to do at a birthday party at home

The other day, my colleague Wilson came to me looking quite worried and hassled. This was a bit surprising because he is the one in the office who never loses cool and always seems available to dole out sound advices to the harried souls. What was even more surprising was the reason behind his anxiety. Even you might find it surprising because he was worried about celebrating the birthday party of his 4-year old daughter. I asked him what is there to worry about the same. Kids birthday party ideas include dancing, dress theme, playing games, wearing masks etc. Nevertheless, I realized that it is not that easy because when he asked me for some cool kids birthday party ideas, I could not give him any sound advice.

At that point of time I realized how complicated things can be that look very simple. Throwing a birthday party for your kid is also such a seemingly simple but actually complicated thing. However, Wilson’s problem led me to find out about some birthday party ideas for kids as he needed help. I checked out various sources and after that came up with these ideas and tips. If you also need advice to throw a memorable birthday party for your kid, they will also help you out.  Here are the classic ideas that tell you about all the things that you can do to celebrate the day when your kid arrived in your world.

1. The Adventure Theme Party Idea 

Kids and adventure go hand in hand and the best way to engage the little ones and let them have fun is to give them a free hand to indulge in adventure. A birthday party based on adventure is an all time-favorite of parents as well as kids. You can create this theme with the help of invitations, costumes, decorations, activities and games. To start with, you can create cards that are made in invisible ink. Decorate the venue with wallpapers that consist of dense trees or you can create some freaky light work. You can have games such as treasure hunt or those that require survival skills. You can ask the invitees to come in costumes of sailors or some fictional superhero character like Spiderman.

2. Party on Parade Theme 

This creative theme is a crowd puller for sure. It is neither conventional nor very high on budget. However, you will have to work on creating the perfect mood. Since, the activities are the core of all the fun and adventure the kids can have, you need to chalk out the activities such as making flags or banners in advance. Make sure the supply of craft items such as paper, colors, glue, etc. is sufficient because you don’t know how much quantity the kids might need.

3. Ballet Theme Party 

This is a lovely birthday party idea and would surely make the kids dance and sing. To give the venue the right rhythm, decorate it with photographs of ballet dancers and give it a festive flavor. It should not look like a typical dance lesson class. The fun activities and games can consist of dance competitions or the freeze dance where kids have to stop straight away when the music stops. Those who don’t get ousted and the one who remains till the last is declared a winner.

things to do at a birthday party at home

4. Wild West Idea 

This cowboy theme party idea will look great if you invite the kids in cowboy costume. You can have the party inside your home or even outside. Don’t forget to have pony ride or horse race. It will please the kids like nothing.

5. Dinosaur Party 

The Jurassic Park might have become a thing of the past but when it comes to kids, the movie is still a hit. The kids love the giant lizard story and if you base your party on this interesting story, it is sure to win their heart. The games can be based on treasure hunts where the kids have to search out dinosaur fossils in the sand. Decorate the venue with plastic lizards or dinosaur cutouts. You can also gift dinosaur toys to the party invitees.

Dinosaur Party

6. Flower Theme 

Lovely, simple and sweet; the flower theme party is easy on your pocket and comes with lots of fun and adventure. Though you can have it inside your home, you can also arrange it in a garden or lawn. Having it outside would be more fun because then the kids can truly enjoy the natural grandeur. Fix the costume theme to anything that is colorful and flowery such as floral shirts or skirts. You can arrange a game like matching the flowers with their leaves or have a contest where the child who makes maximum flowers in five minutes wins the game.

Flower Theme

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