vi. Involve your kid in coming up with creative solutions for reducing expenses, managing time and staying organized.

vii. Show him that you value his dreams. This above all will demonstrate to him how much you care about his future. Never deny a child his dreams. Talking together about the future should be a special and a private time between you and your child. By honoring your child’s dreams, you make him feel special. Show that you value his dreams equally.

  1. Self- discovery and career exploration go hand in hand. Learning about careers can enable your child to better understand his own needs and goals. Exploring careers with your child can be rewarding and very enjoyable. As you talk about specific occupations, you can share your own personal views of these jobs. In this step you will learn how to focus your child’s career search on the specific aspects of a job work activities, work environment and pay in order to help him make more informed choices. Your input will also be very important here. Be sure to talk about your job and all the things that go on in the world of work that your child should learn about.


Vocational Skills:

Employers want their employees to have job skills. Before getting their first job, you can enroll your kids in some internship program during their study course. Employers will train their workers in the special skills needed for a particular job.

  • The ability to solve problems
  • The ability to do manual task
  • The ability to communicate
  • A general understanding of the workplace and the world of business and basic knowledge about the employer’s operations
  • Dependability
  • The willingness to ask questions
  • Trustworthiness and honesty

Parents can help their kids to enter the work world by making sure that they have the skills mentioned above. To help them you can do these things:

Firstly it is very important to find out what your children are learning at school. If job readiness skills are not part of the curriculum, talk to a counselor. Keep in touch with your kids and make sure your children are really learning what they are taught, so they have the skills they need to get and keep a job.

Discipline is the most important quality in life. Make sure your children go to school every day arrive on time are respectful to teachers and peers and do what is expected from them. Help your children to fill out the forms and search for the appropriate jobs for them.Talk about your own experiences on the job, both good and bad, so your children will know what to expect at work and can start preparing for new experiences.

Develop a strong work ethic in him: There are specific traits, attitudes, and values that your child should acquire in order to be successful in the world of work. These work values are not dissimilar to the values that help students succeed in school.

If your kid is going in for the interview for the first time, he/ she can be very nervous. A lot of times this nervousness is due to the unknown facts. Encourage your child to research the company they are interviewing with, possibly speak to other people they know who are working in a similar position.

Another way to help with nervousness is doing a mock interview. Practice the interview session with your kids. It will be good if your child go to the interview prepared with at least three to four thought provoking questions. Prepare them to ask questions for example:

  • Tell them to ask questions that reflect their interest in future prospects, which are new markets the company is planning to explore in next couple of years?
  • What are the chances for professional growth in this job opportunity?
  • Question can be asked to bond with the interviewer and project your enthusiasm.
  • Tell them to show their attention by asking for more detailed whenever something is not clear.

If you are not familiar with the questions your child will face, you as a parent could research the questions at one of the employment websites that have mock interview questions and ask your child those questions.The more prepared your child is for the interview the more confidence they will have. The only thing to be careful with when preparing ahead of time is that in the real interview it should not look rehearsed. Make sure you explain you kid that they must treat the interviewer with respect and resist any urge to bring the interviewer to a casual level.

The final tip for a child going for a first job interview is how to close the interview. Instruct them to make sure that they thank the interviewer for their time. Explain to your child that it is very important to ask questions at the end of the interview to clarify the understanding of the positions they are interviewing with.

As a parent at times you need to put yourself in their shoes, so as to help you understand what they are going through. The best way to deepen the bond with your child is to share your experiences with him/her. Talk about the dilemmas that you faced while growing up. The confusion and the resentment you experience as a teenager and how you to deal with them and found appropriate solutions. Talk about the mistakes you made and how you tried to mend your way, through the years. Your kid will gain invaluable insight about life from this.Career exploration is a very important activity that children and parents need to work on. The knowledge of career paths your child has chosen is very crucial.

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