Ways How to get Your ex Back

Ways How to get Your ex Back

The first thought that crosses your mind after hearing this question is that is this even possible? When you are in a situation when you have to deal with a horrible thing like ‘ex’, you cannot think of anything that has got a positive connotation related to your ex. This is why the query how to get your ex back sounds like a cruel joke. Well, loss of a beloved or lover can do depressing things to people. They are in a negative mindset for a lot of time and most of the time, they have done all the wrong things immediately after the breakup to get their ex back.

This is where they commit a grave mistake. They do all the wrong things after the relationship is over and the things that they do make the chances of a revival even bleaker. If you have been through such a situation, you can easily understand what we are talking about. What we want to tell you is that the begging, crying and stalking are worthless and serve no purpose. They only make things worse for your relationship. Of course, it is difficult to control your emotions but you have to because if you can do so, you can also revive the chances of starting it all over again afresh with your present ex. Want to know how? Here is the recipe for revival.

1. Have Patience and Give Time Some Time to Heal the Wounds

This is the first thing that you need to do. No matter whatever the reason of your breakup. Either you said something or she was acting like a creep, the fact is that you broke up and now the most loved one is an ex. So, accept the situation as acceptance makes the healing process faster and more effective. Bear with the period of ‘no-communication’ and ‘painful memories’ like a mature individual and initiate the steps only after things have cooled down a great deal.

Ways How to get Your ex Back

2. Act and Lead a Normal Life

We know a breakup is not easy to deal with because your inner self and outer self have lost connection with each other. You are feeling like hell inside and everything is in turmoil right from your thoughts to feelings. So, how can you project a happy and optimistic outer self? Well, you can if you try. Just tell yourself that you are going to get her/him back and this can happen only if you look and feel normal. Try out this self-talk part. You are sure to get back your life. Be as normal as you can. Hang out with your friends and indulge in all those activities that you used to do. Now that you have more time, you can also join a hobby class or a gym to work on your body. This will give you confidence and also keep the depressing thoughts at bay.

3. Work on Yourself

Whether you are a girl or a boy, if you are dealing with an ex, it is a sign that somewhere your boyfriend or girlfriend started taking you lightly. It is not necessary that it happened because of your looks or personality but you must keep one thing in mind that looks and personality go a long way in enhancing your charm and making people fall for youSo, utilize this time to get work on your body or your looks. Guys, hit the gym and get some muscles. Girls, head to the spas or parlor and reinvent yourself.

4. Text you ex or e-mail a Romantic Message

You should do this when the initial phase has passed off. Start by sending a hello or hi to your ex and wait for the reply. You must have heard the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder and this is very true. When both of you have not talked to each other for a while you tend to miss the person because initially you were used to talking every day. So, when you send a message or an e-mail, it is bound to click with your ex and nine times out of ten, you are sure to receive a reply.

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