Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

We’re living in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. The insecurity surrounding our lives best gets reflected in our workplaces. With recession becoming a persistent reality in most countries around the world, news of factory closures or businesses downing their shutters resulting in job losses, are greeted with characteristic indifference or exemplary equanimity by most.

So, don’t be taken aback if you’re handed a pink slip while you’re at your workstation. If you lose your job, you’d certainly not be first person and last person to be laid off from work. Therefore, you’d not be helping your cause by regretting the fact that you’re unemployed. Rather, you should accept your job loss as a reality check that could befall anybody anytime, and try to regain your composure as early as possible and roll up your sleeves to go scouting for your next job.

However, you won’t be able to find a new job as quickly as you had lost your last job, and the more time it takes to land a fresh job, the harder it becomes. You could get depressed and frustrated wondering as to why you, of all persons in the world, had to lose your job in the first place. Furthermore, despondency could start settling in once it takes inordinately long to find new employment.

Going out everyday in quest of a job and then coming back empty handed can be quite demotivating and the longer you take to find work, the less prospective you become in the eyes of your potential employer. There’d be days, when you won’t even feel like pulling yourself out of bed.

Nevertheless, you can’t afford to drag your feet or lose your focus during such times but need to keep yourself motivated and stimulated in much the same way as you’d be when you’re employed. So, what are the Ways to Stay Motivated during Your Job Search? The following guidelines should help you from feeling down and out and stay in high spirits while you venture out in search of your next position.

Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

1. Enrol with An Employment Agency

When you’re looking for a new job, it goes without saying that you’d need to keep yourself updated on almost everything you can think of. That’d mean being aware of what’s happening in the world around you as almost all employers would like to make sure that you believe in flowing with the times.

You’d also have to keep your resume organized and may have to keep multiple formats of the same CV. You’d have to be mentally prepared for making a presentation and keep several different styles of cover letters. So, it’ll be best on your part if you sign up with an employment agency that can suitably guide you on how best to groom yourself for a new job.

2. Don’t Get Too Preoccupied With Dismal Employment Market News

Although it is necessary to keep yourself abreast of all the important global events, you should not get overly worried or frustrated if and when you come across news reports about the gloomy job market scenario. You’ve got to realize that print media companies and firms have to sell their newspapers and magazines in the face of stiff competition from the online media. Moreover, nothing sells like bad news these days.

Always try to distil the good news from the ones that might make you depressive. Bear in mind that just as some commercial and industrial sectors are going through a bad patch and downsizing, there are many segments where the supply of jobs outstrips demand because of skill gaps.

The uncertainty factor that is tagged with most job positions has opened up freelancing opportunities in many professional fields. Thus you’d come across many unemployed people taking up part-time and fulltime freelancing positions as a means of livelihood. Even working professionals are taking up freelancing jobs to earn some extra bucks. You too can work as a freelancer till you find a regular job.

3. Be Realistic

It requires tremendous willpower and stamina to keep yourself calm and composed for the entire period you remain unemployed. The stress of finding a fresh job as early as possible can have a telling effect on you both mentally and physically. Your confidence may receive a severe jolt and you’d be prone to feeling unmotivated.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity for not being able to find employment, you might need to explore the reasons and do a hard rethink on why you’re coming a cropper. It could be because your job search is not realistic. You’d need to match your working skills with your job search.

It could be that in your desperation to find employment, you’re applying for positions in which you don’t have the relevant experience. Or, maybe you’re asking for a salary that is not commensurate with your academic qualifications and working experience. You’d need to be extremely patient and perseverant before you find work as it may take months and would require you to send umpteen applications and attend an almost unlimited number of interviews.

4. Keep Yourself Occupied

The self-same routine of getting up early in the morning, having a quick shave and rushing through a sketchy breakfast can get to you after a while and can be emotionally draining. So, you’d need to keep some time for your self as well and there are so many things you can do to amuse and entertain yourself.

Take to jogging early in the morning to rejuvenate self and remain well nourished by taking balanced diets. Gorge on a sumptuous breakfast replete with all the essential nutrients that you’ll help you to stay energized for the rest of the day when you’d be busy with job search and may not find time to eat properly.

After you’re through with your quest for the day, do not confine yourself to the four walls of your room but rather take a stroll in the park or hang out with your friends. Go to a pub and get gregarious over a round of beer or pilsner. The idea is to keep self occupied instead of brooding and sulking unnecessarily.

5. Reward Yourself After The Jobless Jinx is Broken

Needless to say, you’d be short of cash when you’re jobless, so you may not be able to buy something that catches your fancy. However, there’s no point in feeling upset about it as you always go for the things you fancy when you get employed yet again. It could be that you have a weakness for jeans and want to own almost every new model that is launched or you have a soft spot for eau-de-colognes. Whatever your object of desire, setting your heart upon it to have it as the first thing after you get a job, will go a long way in keeping you charged and motivated.

6. The Key to Landing a Job quickly is networking

We’re living in the era of information technology where there is an explosion of information processing. There is a surfeit of social media networks that help people to exchange information and stay in touch. Therefore, as a jobseeker, you cannot underestimate the indispensability of the automated social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

Use your profile to the best of your advantage to connect with potential employers, former colleagues and associates who might have a key role to play in your job search. You could also use your network to connect with individuals who’re in the same boat as yours (i.e. they too are looking for jobs). Share your experiences with them and try to forge an alliance with them and make it a point to meet once weekly to discuss about job search strategies.

7. Stay Away From Negative People

It does not need to be stressed that you’d need to stay away from negatively minded people who might trigger feelings of despondency and hopelessness in you. Since you need to keep yourself focussed while you’re searching for work, make it a point to be in the company of people who have feelings for you and who’d understand what you’re going through.

8. Set a Daily Goal

You should set yourself a daily target and be totally focused on accomplishing the same. For instance, if you have decided to attend one ‘skill enhancement ‘session and two interviews on a particular day, then you should make plan accordingly and stick to it. Have a positive approach and schedule each day as if you were getting ready to attend office.

Hunting for a job is an intermediary phase in your career, and could turn out to be a period of self-development, if you care to take this transitional stage positively to review and assess your professional goals.

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