What is considered a long distance relationship

Do Long Distance Relationships Last

Loneliness is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a human being. The truth about humans is that they are not meant to be alone. God has made a companion for everyone, so that one can enjoy love and care. However, how often in our modern times have we witnessed anything like this? Every relationship comes with its own package of good and bad experiences. The world has become so casual about relationships that they no longer care or make efforts to make it better. No wonder, that’s the reason we witness so many break ups and divorces. In this age of selfish and casual generation, do long distance relationships last?

Does distance in miles create distance in relationships? With the advent of internet and many social networking sites, getting in and out of a relationship has become a child’s play. With people not understanding the importance of a relationship, they get into a casual one and then have a heart break after spending considerable amount of time in it. Long distance relationships come with their own package of problems. With one spending days and weeks and sometimes months, without seeing the face of their lover or meeting them, they lack understanding. Every relationship is special and important, and whenever they break, the pain is inevitable.

In this article, we shall discuss why people face so many problems in a long distance relationship and how one can make it a pleasant and peaceful one with lots of love and care.

Do Long Distance Relationships Last

1. Know your Partner:

One of the main problems of a long distance relationship is that many people don’t know anything about their partners. How can you know a person? You can know a person only when you have spent some considerable amount of time with them. In long distance relationships, people don’t get to spend time with their partners. So all they know about their partners is what they tell them about themselves.

The usual tendency of people is to always tell their good points and hide their bad points. In a relationship, it is very important for both the partners to know both good and bad points of each other. This will increase their bonding and avoid unnecessary problems that pop up in relationship. Try to meet with your partner as much as possible.  Make out time and talk about the importance of knowing each other, before you can actually commit. This will help you in making your relationship a better one and also help you in coping up if it doesn’t work out.

2. Understanding:

Understanding plays a very vital role in strengthening your relationship. As you plan to meet more than often or make sure that whatever time you get to be with each other, you talk openly as it will promote understanding. Most relationships crumble as they lack understanding. It is only with the wings of understanding that your relationship can fly off to the city of peace and happiness.

Try to know more about your partner. There will obviously some things that they will tell you, like their ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, but you need to make an extra effort to find out if the person is good enough for you or not. Observe your partner, as it will help you in understanding them. Observe how they behave in a certain situation and you will get to know a great deal about your partner. Don’t be shocked if you find out some of the bad habits of your partner.

We all are imperfect and that’s the way we have to accept life. If you can still love the person despite knowing their bad habits, then chances are that your love can surely help them change. It will also help you in understanding them when they behave in a certain way.

3. Communication:

For a moment one can endure the pain of not seeing or meeting their partner, but when there is a breakdown in the communication, it makes them feel stranded. Usually, long distance relationships suffer due to lack of communication. When you don’t get to talk to the one you love, it fills you with frustration. It is very important to keep the communication going, especially in the worst times. It is in the times of fights or arguments when ambiguity fills the relationship.

Make sure you take some time out to get over your anger and then resume communication. When two people are far away, and there is a fight, uncertainty usually sets in. It is in these times that you have to make an effort and try to solve the reason which triggered the fight or argument. Rather than sulking over what has happened, make honest efforts to get down to the bottom of the problem and uproot it.

4. Trust:

Lack of trust has broken lots of relationships and homes. Without trust, it is impossible to have a loving and peaceful relationship. Trust is seldom found in normal relationships, and in long distance relationships, they are almost not present. If you have any doubt regarding the character of your partner, try to talk openly about it to them, rather than keeping it in your heart and giving unnecessary trouble to your heart and soul.

If, somehow even after talking openly to your partner, you are not convinced then it is better for you to take some time out and think about the future of your relationship. At times, feelings are very deceptive and make you take a hasty decision to leave you with regrets for the rest of your life. Take some good amount of time out. Allow the feelings to set in and then you can think and decide.

5. Love:

The basic need of every human being is nothing, but love. A relationship can be sweet only if it has unconditional love. Some people love, but their love has lot of conditions. True love has no conditions, it is unconditional. Make efforts to tell your partner how much they mean to you and how you love them. Most relationships break suspecting lack of love.

Talk to your partner. Spend quality time with them, whenever you get a chance and express your love to them. Tell them how much you love. This will answer the question that we asked in the beginning of this article, ‘does distance in miles create distance in relationships?  The answer is no.

When you know your partner, when you can understand them, when you make sure you always talk to them, when you trust them and when you love them unconditionally, then nothing can create distance between you and your partner.

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