Teachers form the most important part of our society. They are the ones who shape the thinking of our society. They are the ones who sow the first seed of knowledge in the minds of children, who are the future of our country. Time after time, it has been proved that mere knowledge does not account for a good teacher. People, who are well versed in a particular subject, need not be mistaken for a good teacher. The society is depended upon the knowledge, skill and patience of our teachers as they dedicate their lives for the betterment of our society.

The burning question that seems to haunt today’s society is, if knowledge alone does not account for a good teacher, then what does? This article aims at providing the answer to this question that seems to be lingering in the minds of millions. What makes a good teacher? What are the qualities that a teacher needs to have, in order to have a good impact on students? With the youths of our society drifting more towards the lives of debauchery, the role and need of good teachers become all the more important. Our society needs to be renewed by the advent of good thinking, which can be possible only with the presence and efforts of good teachers.

Mentioned below are some of the qualities that make a teacher, a good teacher.

1. Passion:

While most people regard teaching just as a job for which they are paid at the end of every month, they approach lacks zeal. It is the passion that rules the game and without it everything is a waste! Teachers need to be passionate about their work. Instead of taking it as a rhetoric task, they can invent different techniques and ways to make education fun. They can make an environment for children, where passion and not pressure exists.

Most teachers believe that pressure can help a child become better. They work on the theory of ‘pressure makes a perfect diamond!’ But, what they fail to realize, is that they kill the fun of learning from the hearts of children. A good teacher should not only be passionate about his/ her work, but also should be able to pass on that passion to children.


2. Patience:

Some say, ‘patience is a virtue, observed by few!’ But, for a teacher it is the one of the most important virtues. A person who aspires to be a teacher, but does not know what it means to be patient with others, can never become a good teacher. In a class, there are different types of children; some are quick to grasp, while others take a snail trail. For a teacher it is very important never to give up on their weak students.

A teacher should never give up on weak students. Instead, the teacher should be such, that the weak students find a deep support in them. If a person, who aspires to be a teacher and is alien to patience, will never be able to show trust and appreciate the efforts that weak students make to become better. People who are impatient are too quick to make a conception about a particular thing, and then till the end of their life, they rot with that conception. Their lives revolve around the principle of, ‘once a thief always a thief!’ and hence it becomes very difficult to make them understand that everyone can change.

3. Friendly:

When a student is able to freely communicate his thoughts to his teachers and does not feel bad or afraid in doing so, then we can say that the future of our nation is in the right hands. A teacher should be friendly with the students. They should give enough freedom to students to communicate their thoughts or put forward their vantage points in any matter. Teachers should not be so strict that a child, when confronted by a problem, instead of thinking of ways to solve it, decides it is better not to think about the problem.

Students should feel comfortable in the presence of teacher. They should be able to speak freely, (within their limits!) and not be intimidated on asking questions. When a student asks questions, a good teacher knows that the student has started to take interest in the subject that has prompted him to ask these questions. Instead of ridiculing their questions, teachers should know how to make a subject more clear to the student, so that their doubts are cleared.

4. Individual Approach:

One of the most basic demands of every parent is that a teacher deals with their child individually. In a class of many students, at times it becomes very difficult for a teacher to concentrate on every student individually. In this case, the teacher should make efforts to be more open and friendly towards students, so that even the weak ones can approach them freely.

It has been noted that at times, weak students are secluded and the teacher pays less attention to their progress. The mark of a good teacher shows how he/ she deals and influences weak students and make them strive for the top position. With individual approach and a bag full of patience, teachers can help weak students come up in life. When a teacher is able to do that, he/ she is considered to be a good teacher.

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