What makes a man attractive physically

What makes a man attractive physically

A man’s deepest desire is to be with a woman who is divinely attractive! It is this desire that leads a man to appear strikingly handsome and make sure he gets the woman he wants. Physical appearance describes the being attractive to women part superficially. Yes women do get attracted to men who are handsome but the attraction may or may not last long. To catch the eyes of your women longer you need to entice the woman with your charm. There are tips, which if men follow, will help them attract the woman they desire.

1. Smooth Talker

The best way to get a woman to desire you is by talking to her. You need to weave a story that keeps her involved both mentally and emotionally – to get her attracted to you. You need to feign your boyish innocence while getting her involved in your talks. Only if you are interesting enough would you be considered attractive enough by the women.

2. The Humour Quotient

What makes a man attractive physically

A woman is attracted most towards men who love to play the situation in the most humorous way. George Clooney, Brad Pit maybe really handsome but what actually works for them is the part they play in the movies. If you are witty you have won the game hands down and you know it when your woman is laughing. Make sure you don’t overplay your part of being a witty man.

3. The Attractive Company

Only a woman can understand another woman’s sorrows, joys and desires best. If you wish to attract a woman you should be surrounded by other attractive woman. This way you get the necessary tips to actually attract the woman of your dreams. In fact, being surrounded by attractive woman gives you an opportunity to mix around with their attractive friends or acquaintances.

4. Eye Contact

A woman takes you seriously and gets completely attracted to you only when you actually look her in the eyes and lock your eyes with her. It is when the guy has guts to look a woman into her eyes that the woman feels real and the entire aura becomes amazing.

5. The Youthful Appearance

The Youthful Appearance

You could be in your sixties or in your twenties but the girl you are planning to attract would look at how you appear in your heart and soul. She is not really concerned about your actual age. What she really wishes to know is how young/old you consider yourself? The more youthful you think you are the easier it is for you to attract the woman you desire. Remember, a soul’s youthfulness is needed to attract women.

6. The Infectious Smile

The Infectious Smile

It is said that smile completes a person! A man becomes more attractive when he smiles. The smile could mean love, concern, care, friendliness etc. A woman reads a man’s smile the most. So if you smile towards your woman it is very likely that she would get attracted to you. Over smiling could lead to disasters while not smiling at all can make you dull and unattractive. Smile moderate to win the attention of your woman.

7. A Born Leader

A woman generally gets attracted by initiative and leadership qualities. If you are one of them who takes initiative and charge of the situation, you can easily attract the woman. In fact being proactive helps you increase your attractiveness. For women this assertiveness is a sign that you can handle the woman and they are wooed by this. Power entices a woman and man best showcases power using assertiveness and leadership. You need not be dominating and chauvinistic to be an assertive man. You just need to be one who can take control any undesired circumstance and control the woman.

8. Company Matters

When attracting a woman, it is necessary that you are surrounded by more attractive woman. This kind of gets them thinking positive about you. This is known as the pre-selection method, where you company makes you a desirable man among woman and allows you to be selected by the woman you wish to attract before you approach her. All you are doing is playing with the emotions of jealousy that a woman portrays. If you don’t have too many attractive women around you whining for you, you could just ask a few of your friends or your ex to help you in your mission.

9. Be More Intuitive

In the company of women and trying to attract women you need to make sure you have tuned up your senses to understand her desires, what she really thinks. Do not make the mistake of acting before you know and end up messing the things completely 

10. Authenticity Matters

It is very stereotypical but it is true. A woman desires and finds an honest man attractive. If you are honest and ethical with your woman it is likely that she will find you attractive. This is one virtue that definitely attracts many women. Lying about yourself and portraying to be what you are not is easy. But, maintaining it all the while becomes difficult. Remember you have nothing to be afraid of. Being attracted to a girl and wanting to make her attracted towards you is normal. Start accepting this feeling. Next make sure you don’t make any false commitments about yourself. Be what you actually are and let her get attracted to the true you.

11. Money Does Matter

Whoever said that money does not attract women? A rich man getting down a Mercedes with the above mentioned qualities is a definite stunner to the girls. In fact, most women will be found pining for him. Money attracts women! Remember the most handsome and sought after men are rich. Not that richness is the only attractive quality but, it is certainly one of them.

Make sure you are what you truly believe to be. It is your own self that the woman is sure to get attracted towards. You need to dive to any lengths, ethical obviously, to win the girl you desire.

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