What pushes a man away from a woman

What pushes a man away from a woman

Relationships are very delicate and require a lot of attention. A single mistake on either partner’s part could cause hell in the relationship. Remember you need to walk the same path and not parallel paths to be together in a relationship. As someone very nicely said that if you are not on the same page of the book, then it is clear that there is something not right in your relationship! Possibly it could be sorted out but, most times if either partner does not agree that they are wrong, it could just worsen. Here are some of the crucial mistakes women make in relationships and how they can be avoided.

What pushes a man away from a woman

1. Insecurity in a Relationship

If you start to become creeper in the relationship then, it is your biggest mistake indeed. At the starting stages a man would definitely understand your need and your insecurities. But being too insecure and actually clinging on to the man would get him suffocated. Just put yourself in his shoes and imagine an insecure man in a relationship with you. Wont that make you feel like dumping him. Wanting attention all the while, constant need of support etc. all are mistakes that women make constantly. They feel that they are satisfying the male ego but actually they are suffocating him.

2. Being a bit Over-Possessive

Women are generally a bit possessive towards the man they really love. But normal possessiveness is healthy and works in favour of the relationship. It shows the man that you care for him. Over-possessiveness can work against the relationship. If you constantly wish to know where he is, who he is with and what he is doing, it is similar to taking away his freedom. Remember space and freedom play a pivotal role in the relationship. He might have shared his passwords with you but don’t try to track him using it. A fight over a single chat message is not fair towards him or the relationship. Trust is very important in a relationship. Try to bring in the trust factor so that your relationship lives a long and healthy life.

3. Criticising Your Guy all the While

Remember you loved him and got involved in a relationship with him for what he is. You, at some point, were aware of the faults he had or maybe with time it evolved. Instead of trying to change his faults, why not accept the fact that nobody is imperfect. You also have your own set of faults that you would not change. Allow him to be the way he is. Remember he is perfect the way he is. Too much criticism and bitchiness could lead to a dead end in the relationship and you won’t be able to walk the same path together again.

4. Get Real; Life is not a Fairy Tale

You all have read the fairy tales when you were kids. But remember the fairy tales were orchestrated by the writer and hence it was possible for the prince charming to understand his princess and wipe away her tears. In real life you are one who has to orchestrate the show. So, the best way to give a good direction to this amazing story is by helping your partner understand your needs. He may be the unromantic one,  don’t expect him to change. He is best the way he is. Express yourself and help him express himself the way he best can. Understand that whatever it is, you two have to live it together. Don’t expect him to understand what is going inside your mind. If you wish for a few minutes alone, say so. Don’t expect him to guess that.

5. Don’t try to Change him

Many women enter a relationship with the sole purpose of changing the guy. It is a very dumb reason to enter a relationship. Remember what is good for you could be bad for someone else. The world is completely based out on the theory of relativity. If you can relate to this you would never wish to change anyone on this earth.

6. Oh So Comfortable Relationship

This is another major reason why a relationship turns towards a dead path. Being comfortable in each other’s presence is a good sign but, being too comfortable could be a warning signal. There is no romance or spice left in your relationship. The unknown is the best way to keep the relationship going. Play a little, tease a little and get the spark back. Comfortable just means that you are letting the spark die somewhere.

7. Keep in Good Shape

Many a times a woman in a relationship takes her health for-granted. She stops looking after herself. Once a regular at a gym, now she hardly steps onto those grounds! It is not very rare. It happens to all woman in a relationship. Keeping yourself in shape is a good sign of how much you care for yourself. Before you got this guy in your life you were all set to revolutionize your shape. Now that he is there, you don’t care. Well ,this is certainly not a good attitude. You might not realize when your relationship seeps in and when your guy starts dating another girl. Not that looks matter that much but, it is a part of the relationship.

8. Keep the Intimacy Levels Good

You may not be in mood to get intimate with your partner. But don’t decline him every second time. Remember intimacy and satisfying physical desires is as important as other things for the survival of a relationship. Even if you are tired, you should allow your body to act. It keeps both of you happy and satisfied in the relationship.

9. Relationship getting too important

Do not make your life totally revolving round the relationship. It is definitely not a good sign. You would be investing less energy on friends, job and in other places where you are needed. Remember you need not put everything at stake to be part of a relationship.

Relationship is important but not more than the individuals involved. Give some time to yourself too.

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