What to say when your girlfriend is mad at you

What to say when your girlfriend is mad at you

Anger is the root cause of all the problems in a relationship. It is anger that leads to the breaking down of so many marriages. To be in a relationship, is the world’s best feeling. It makes you feel special and good about yourself. But a little argument or a little carelessness triggers the age old problem of anger. Anger is inevitable. No one can avoid it or pretend that they don’t get angry. The sweetness of a relationship is marred by the presence of this evil; anger.

It is very common to see anger prevailing in relationships. Many times you wish you could do something about it, but don’t know what. At times it is still comparatively easy to calm the anger in yourself, but in your partner; a big no. Anger is like a fire, when it comes – it burns down everything that is sweet and lovely. The ashes of bitter feeling are all that one is left with in the aftermath. Anger is a momentary feeling and one should be very careful of their actions in it. People tend to take extreme steps in their anger, only to regret in the long run.

To have an angry girlfriend is not something you would like to boast about. The existence of an angry partner is sure to hurt you both physically and mentally. People who are angry, often crave for peace. Peace is one of the first things that anger destroys. If you have an angry girlfriend, you will know what it means to lose your peace and with it your happiness. But, love conquers all. If you want to know how to calm down your angry girlfriend, follow the mentioned steps below. These steps will surely give you an insight in to the world of angry people.

1. Love Her:

What to say when your girlfriend is mad at you

There is no medicine bigger and more effective than love. Although, anger has no cure it can surely be controlled. If you want your girlfriend to keep her cool as much as possible, then seal it with love.

2. Understand Her:

No relationship is complete or grows without the sense of understanding. Understanding is the most important tool that will help you in not only countering her anger but also in calming her down. You need to understand the reason of her anger first. To some people anger is the only way to express while for others, it’s the circumstances that make them react in an angry way. It becomes very important for you, as her boyfriend, to classify your girlfriend’s nature. If she gets angry at small incidents, then she has anger problems. If she is reacting like that in issues where you have been very casual then it is you who is responsible for triggering her anger.

Once you are able to understand the cause of her anger, you can know what to do next. Most of the times, boyfriends’ waste their times in fighting with their girlfriends over petty issues and then complain about her anger. As an individual, be a responsible guy, understand the root cause of the problems which are related to her anger and then decide your approach.

3. Listen to Her:

At times it is best to just listen than to react. Whenever the other person is angry, make sure that you don’t argue with her. A person who is angry is actually blind to logic. There is no use of explaining her logic when she is fuming with anger. Listen to what she is saying. One of the common complaints of all the girls is that their boyfriends have no time to listen to them. Most of the time, this is their prime reason for getting angry too. When you listen calmly to the other person who is angry, you will be able to understand what she has been trying to tell you.

4. Keep Calm:

Keep Calm

calm approach is the best approach while dealing with an angry person. Angry words can lead you nowhere. It is best to be calm. When she sees you calm and listening to you, she will realise that there is no need for her to be furious.

5. Make Her Understand:

No one wants to be with an angry person. Anger is contagious and whoever is with an angry person contracts his/ her anger. As a responsible adult, and after understanding and listening to her, it’s time for you to make her understand. But, it is highly advisable to do that when the other person is calm. Words of wisdom have no value for a person in anger. When she is done with her anger, when she has finished saying what she wanted to, you can have a gentleman approach.

Actions speak louder than words. It is very important for you to calm yourself as you talk to her. There is no excuse for anger or for angry words. You have to make her understand that in any world, anger can never be justified. There is no law or religion in the world that says anger is good. Tell her that you still love her and there was no need for anger.  Where there is love, there is no room for anger! Make her realise that there is always a better way to express yourself than with anger.

6. Exercises That Could Help:

If your girlfriend is angry or is getting angry, stay calm and make her do these simple exercises, that can calm her down and make her listen to you. When she gets furious ask her gently to sit somewhere, it could be a restaurant or any other quiet place. Then hold her gently and make her quiet. Once she gains her composure back, tell her to do as follows;

  • Close eyes and take five deep breaths, in your mind count from one to ten. Slowly, she will get calm and her anger will vanish.
  • Make her listen to her favorite soft song to lower her anger and get her back to her senses.
  • Music therapy works well and is healing too.
  • Go for a long walk to a quiet place. This will change her mind and she will get comfortable in talking to you about the problems.

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