What to wear on a dinner date for guys

Well-Fitting Suit

Does it really matter? This is the response that I received from my close friend Neil when I asked him about clothes ideas for men to wear on a first date. Actually my brother was asking me what to wear on his first date and had literally driven me crazy with his queries. I, being the nerdy one, had no answers because I had never dated anyone and therefore, was hardly aware what men should wear. So, I went to my all-time savior Neil. He is my best friend and I bank on him for any and every advice because he is the guy who has, till date, answered all my questions without getting perturbed. This is why when I received a question in place of a reply from him, I was surprised.

The element that added even more surprise to his question-cum-answer was the fact that he did not take men’s clothing very seriously and thought that it was the solo domain of women. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but I did not have time for it. So, I postponed my sermon for the next day and went straight to my other friends and online resources because my dear brother needed help. Here is what I learnt about men’s clothes for first date and if you too think like Neil, I would ask you to read the following section for dressing matters for men. Also, there are many things that you need to know when it comes to men’s clothing. These dresses are fit for the first date and can make the right impression. Have a look.

1. Denim Pants and T-Shirt

This is a casual outfit that can make your day provided you choose the right colors. You can try any pair of jeans that you think fits you well and team it up with a nice t-shirt. This is the most bankable and easy-to-wear clothes idea for men and would fit all age groups and body types whether you are slim or on the heavier side.

What to wear on a dinner date for guys

2. Well-Fitting Suit

Who said prim and proper clothing is not fit for a first date? It is and can go a long way in creating the right impression. Imagine a man coming for a dinner in a tuxedo. Wouldn’t you fall for him? The suit is an all-time favorite of men and women and gives you a genuine gentlemanly appeal that exudes confidence, charm and character.

Well-Fitting Suit

3. Sports Jacket and Trousers

Want an informal appeal along with a slight dash of formality? Go for the sports jacket and trousers. You are bound to make a cool and classy impression on her and we are sure she will also admire your dressing sense. The sports jacket and trousers are fine alternative for those who find the tuxedo a bit over-the-top.

Sports Jacket and Trousers

4. Shirt and Trousers

If you like the look of the man who has a self-assured aura about him but also exudes a carefree and debonair charm, this is the perfect dress for you. It expresses a formal grace that is also ably supported by a slight amount of informal air.

Shirt and Trousers

5. Shirt and Denims

If you find denim pants and t-shirt funky and are not even willing to settle for the tuxedo or shirts and trousers, shirt and denims can be the best bet for you. Settle for a flattering shirt shade and team it up with a dark colored pair of jeans as it goes well with all colors. It will make you look natty and dapper without requiring you to work too hard on your clothing section.

Shirt and Denims

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